If you need a good laugh…

Then you should absolutely, positively read this blog post by Sara McGinnis from BabyCenter. In fact, I think I might even read it again right now…SO FUNNY!



Decorating Decisions

So over the past few months, I actually have made some progress (due, largely in part, to my mom – the forever-decorating-goddess) with Will’s new room and have had some thoughts about changes I’m making to the existing nursery, which Will is still in, and will be staying in until whoknowswhen. Anyway, for Will’s new room (our old spare room – read: clutter gatherer), we made progress by cleaning it out and getting the border off the wall. We also picked out, ordered and have received his new bedroom set, well 75% of it at least.


chest of drawers


Bed & chest of drawers are both from Pottery Barn Kids – Catalina Cottage Collection.

Bedding is also from Pottery Barn Kids – Patrick Quilted Bedding Collection.

We picked a pretty blue color to paint the walls – similar to the light blue in the comforter – it’s by Valspar but I’m not entirely sure of the color – when I get home, I will find it and update this post.

I’m also thinking of adding one of these to his room, which currently has a funky turquoise-y/green carpet (same one that’s in the nursery), to break it up and add some “fun” to the floor:

car rug

road rug

road rug 2

The top rug and bottom two play mats are from IKEA.

As far as what other accessories are going in his room, I’m kind of unsure. My mom wants to get him the desk that goes with his bedroom set and then he just needs some fun stuff in there – like some hooks to hang his jackets on and maybe some kind of storage apparatus for toys/books/gadgets. Oh and I forgot to mention, I want to do Roman shades instead of curtains. Shopping for curtains for the nursery last time was pain staking and I don’t look forward to doing it again, so for now, the shades will do.

I will probably do something like  this – but maybe in a more fun color, depending on how I’m feeling:

shades - neutral

As for stuff on the walls, I have a few things from his nursery that I will transfer over to his big boy room, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve actually looked for things for his room. But, being that I already have the car/truck theme in his bedding, it shouldn’t be that hard.

And the nursery. I’m making a few updates. Since we didn’t find out what we’re having this time either, it’s staying neutral, but I am getting rid of the over-sized, kinda junky dresser we currently have (which also doubled as my changing station, but ended up being too high for me, so I relegated changing to the floor on the pad…{Mother-of-the-Year, I know}) and replacing it with either a changing table, which can be used as shelves after the baby is bigger, and a smaller dresser, or perhaps just a nicer, smaller dresser that can still be used as a changing table too.

Here are the ones I found so far that I like and that are in my budget:

changing table

dresserBoth are from IKEA.

I will post pics as I get things in place and it all starts to look nice and lovely!


One of my favorite things that Will has learned to do is say “cheese”. With a big ol’ cheesy smile on his face, he blurts it out and poses for pictures. PTL! I feel like it has taken all of the last 18.5 months to get this child to cooperate for “cute” pictures – and we are finally there. Who knew that all it took was telling him to say “CHEESE!!!”

He makes my whole heart and soul smile. God, I love this kid.

My little cheeser.


ready for school

shades collage

shades and hat

Baby Naming – ugh.

And so it begins. Well, actually, it began about 0.09 seconds after the two, bright blue lines showed up on a certain test in late February: The Baby Naming Dilemma. I am 19.8 weeks pregnant and don’t have a clue what we’ll call this child when we meet him/her in, what I’m sure will be, a short 20 weeks.

Wait, scratch that. I know exactly what we’ll be calling Baby if she’s a she. However, if Baby is a he, we’re screwed – at least as far as I’m concerned. Nick doesn’t seem to be too concerned. In fact, every time I send an email/text or start a conversation with “hey honey, if the baby’s a boy, what do you think about —– ?”, Nick likes to remind me that we weren’t this hung up on William’s name and that we weren’t even that sure of William’s name when I was pregnant. Um, maybe he wasn’t, but I certainly was! I knew, even before I met Nick, that I wanted a son named William with the nickname Will. I just knew. I always loved Jack and John too, so we went with John as his middle name to honor my maternal grandfather, who is super special to me, and it’s also Nick’s middle name, so it was a great fit.

But this time, it’s different. Since we still have the girl’s name we had if Will had been a girl, we’re set there. It’s the boy thing that I’m seriously struggling with. And then I was skimming over a blog today regarding this same quandary that apparently is a world-wide (or maybe just us crazy Americans) issue for parents-to-be these days and came across this:  “There’s also a Caden in my 1 y.o.’s class. Very popular in our circle are Williams, George, and Henry. Several Ryans, too.” LITERALLY, every single one of those names mentioned – George, Henry (Harry), Ryan – are or were, at one time or another,  all on our list of possible names. And we already covered the “William” in that statement! Sigh.

I just have to paste in this email conversation Nick and I had the other day on the topic of boy names. It still makes me chuckle:

 On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Spillane, Megan wrote: How about Leo?? And I just saw the name Penn, which I thought would be cute, but then remembered we already have a “William” and then our kids would be “William” and “Penn” like “William Penn” as in, William Penn – the founder of Pennsylvania and The William Penn Inn, where we got married, Bahahahahahahaha! 

 On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 11:40 AM, Nick Spillane wrote: William Penn!! And the next one you will want to call Teller! Leo’s not bad. Couldn’t image calling our son Leo though! Maybe for the wild name we go the Wilmo route and call him Cash!!! Seriously – Cash! Ow my!

So? What to do? Maybe we will just call Baby No. 2 “William II” or perhaps, “John William”… Well, I do have 20 more weeks, right?

Binkygate & Other Adventures

OK, before I forget and carry on with the recent ups and downs of mommyhood that I must put into words, I absolutely have to document all about Binkygate since it was such a huge part of our lives recently!

A few Fridays ago, {May, 24th) we started the roller coaster experience of weaning the Will from his beloved Ninny, otherwise known as his binky. It all started at Grammy’s house {OK, we had one night off our hands…} and she said he did pretty well with it, until about 3am, then 4am, and finally 5am. He was staying there while Nick and I were out gallivanting til 1am with friends. I kid. We were just having dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile, so anyway, we arrived back at Grammy’s at 130am, snuck into the spare room adjacent to Will’s’ nursery a la Grammy and settled in for a what-we-hoped-would-be 5-5.5 hour snooze before he woke at his normal wake-up time of 630/7am.

No such luck. As I stated earlier, he was up at 3am – we were spared by Grammy – bless her heart. Then at 4am, again Grammy to the rescue. And finally at 5am, at which point I drug my still-clothed-in-last-yesterday’s-clothes {we hadn’t planned on staying at Grammy’s that night} body and attempted to rock the child back to sleep, praying to God it would work and we’d get another hour to sleep. Again, strike out. After about 3 minutes of him snuggling on my shoulder, his head popped up and he blurted, “Mommyyyy. Hiyaaa! Waaadderrr. Oussssiddde.” Crap.

So he was up and so were we. It literally took us the entire weekend and into Tuesday {Monday was Memorial Day} to recover. The next few nights were quite similar. I think, finally, by night 3, he slept through the night without that stupid, plastic necessity of his and then nights 4 and 5, he was back to being up a handful of times. I know one night, it might have been Wednesday {that week is such a blur that I couldn’t say which night it was if my life depended on it}, we gave in and just gave him Ninny because we just needed some sleep. And one night he ended up in bed with us and an hour later, I was on the couch.

It was rough. BUT, here we are over a week later and I think we’re finally back on the road to healthy sleep habits! He goes to bed fairly easy without it and for the past two {definitely, possibly three} nights, he’s slept through the night, once again. Hallelujah.


Baby No. 2 will not be getting a binky from Day One! Haha, well, we’ll see – but maybe we would  just start weaning at a little younger age instead.

Onto other adventures:

The weekend of June 1/2 (I started writing this post over a week ago…) started lovely. I got out of work early on Friday due to working the bulk of my hours earlier in the week, Nick finished up a lot of the backyard demo he had been working on into Friday night and we had a nice take-out dinner on the deck with Will corralled in, going nuts with his water table while Nick and I relaxed.

Saturday started very nicely. Bubbs and I went to the farmer’s market to get our local pullet eggs, veggies for the week and picked up some potted herb plants while Nick coached until noon. When Nick got home, we got ready and packed the car for a ride up to our Qtown friends’ house to splash in baby pools and eat ribs. We just had to make a quick stop along the way at the grocery store to pick up a few things.

While I went inside, Nick drove around the parking lot with Will so as not to piss him off by getting him in and out of the much-hated car seat more than absolutely necessary. Then came the call. The “Will has just gotten sick everywhere, send help quick!” call. Ugh. I hurried through the checkout wondering what I was going to be walking into when I finally arrived back at the car and when I got outside, they were nowhere in sight. I whipped out my beloved, cherished, attached-to-my-hip iPhone to call and see where they were parked and SPLAT! It slipped out of my unsteady fingers like grains of sand and landed face-down on the concrete with an awful I-just-broke-into-a-million-pieces sound. Shhhhhhiiiiiittt. A million pieces is right – fortunately, iPhones are made with tempered glass, so it was still in once piece, per say, but it isn’t pretty.

Broke Ass Phone

Broke Ass Phone

I can’t even tell you what it feels like to read texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails and dial my contacts list on this thing. Fortunately, a good friend (Thanks Joe!) mentioned a place in the KOP mall that replaces stuff like this, aptly called UBreakIFix. For $90 I can get a new screen, in less than an hour. PTL! {that’s Praise The Lord for all my non-religious- acronym-using readers) Oh and no, my phone was not wearing this awesome, protective cover when it was dropped…


Went to UBreakIFix this weekend (June 8) and got a brand new screen. It’s like a whole new phone! And that case is staying on forrrreeevvvveerrrr {insert line from The Sandlot}.

Onto the mess that occurred in the parking lot.  It was a mess. A right mess. It was disgusting and everywhere. I think we used an entire package of wipes to clean up the child, the car seat and the actual car. It was so bad, that Will  had to sit in it with just a towel and wearing his diaper to get to our destination. Oh and this was when I was like, “the child faces front from now on!” Clearly, he has issues going backwards at 19 months old and having his knees in his chest because his legs are so scrunched. He’s been sick in Nick’s car a handful of times, with no continued sickness afterwards – just a nice vomit and then he’s fine. If you ask me, I’d say it’s car sickness.

Anyway, he’s front and he’s loving it. He definitely held on like he was on a fair ride at first, before passing out and taking a much-needed snooze the rest of the way.

Will after sick1

Now onto the fun part of the weekend.

Babies and pools.





shafers pool collage

shafers 12

shafers wagon collage

The Zoo.


Zero cooperation with posed pictures...

Zero cooperation with posed pictures…



There was lots of pointing at everything! Will was in awe and every few seconds uttering an excited {and adorable} “huuuuuuhh!!! ohhhhhh!!”



Will was hesitant, at first, about entering the long, windy tunnel, but eventually he caved (no pun intended!) and ended up loving it and going back around through it about 100 times.zootunnelzoodaddy2Will really loved the zoo – we all had a great time! We’ll definitely be going back – maybe even a membership is in our future??