Burning Desire!

So, I have this burning desire to plan a birthday party!! Particularly a fall-themed party. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe it’s because of the fall-like weather we’ve been having? I just keep reverting back to when I was designing the invitations and planning the party, the accessories, the fall-themed food and decor for William’s first party last September/October and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and want (so desperately) to do it again! But this year, I will be very busy and in a very different kind of way around that time, as Little One is due to be delivered anytime between October 24th and the 31st – God willing this child doesn’t make an earlier appearance than that! (for health reasons, of course! Not because I just love being pregnant in my 3rd trimester so much, ha!) I’m sure as we approach October, even September, I will quickly change my mind back to focusing on the things that are important at that time, like preparing for the very soon arrival of another family member, but this is how i’m feeling right now. I’m sure this is all just a weird pregnancy phase, right?

Anywho. Maybe I will start designing Little One’s First Birthday party invites now – ya know, a year and 3 months before his/her birth just to get my kicks! {I have officially lost it now, haven’t I?}


Waiting, waiting, waiting…

I sit here, at 8:30PM on Tuesday, October 25th, the 2nd day after Baby Jepeto was due STILL PREGNANT. We met with our doula, the lovely Christina,the other day and she reminded us of some things we can do to bring on labor. Besides some of the obvious, more well-known things (walking, sex, bouncing on a birthing ball) you can do, she added that eating fresh basil, fresh oregano, drinking Castor oil, receiving acupuncture and prenatal massages and applying acupressure to certain areas of my ankles might work too.

So last night for dinner we had fresh pesto, we’re having pineapple for dessert tonight, I’ve been walking as much as possible and I might schedule a prenatal massage for later this week. Oh and I was also old that washing your floor Cinderella-style also works. I have yet to try that- maybe I’ll do that after I post this…

Granted I’m only 2 days ‘overdue’, I’m still getting really impatient. I just want to meet this baby already! And know it’s sex! I know I can’t be pregnant forever, but longer than most woman, probably. I mean, I myself, was three weeks late and my poor mom still had to be induced. T m check-up yesterday, I wasn’t dilated anymore than a fingertip and that was at 40 weeks, 1 day. As the doc put it, the cards are really stacked against me.

Anyway, someone else who might eventually be dealing with what I’m going through is Jessica Simpson. I don’t care what you say, this girl’s GOT to be pregnant! And if she is, good for her!

This is a post to remind me to post…

The pictures from Rachel and Ian’s wedding, if I haven’t already done so, our trip to D.C. with Chris and Jamie, my and Sarah’s zucchini bread baking extravaganza. I think that’s it. Oh and we have our friends Katie and Andy’s daughter’s baptism on Sunday, along with Melissa’s baby shower – so there will surely be more pictures (and stories) to post. So this is just a reminder. Cuz it’s 11:52PM and I should’ve been in bed hours ago, even though sleeping is my least favorite part of the day. See below.

My current bed/sleep set-up. The couch. In front of the TV.