Beautiful days

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but Nana and Granddad are here!! They arrived safely about 2 weeks ago and have been a great help since stepping foot in the US. Will is over the moon to spend time with them and show them all his tricks. Some days, I don’t even get a “hello” when I get home from work because now it’s all about Nana and Granddad – Mommy and Daddy only come into play when he’s in one of his “moods”. Anywho, it’s been great – we’ve done some fun things and have had a lot of time to just spend good, quality time together. I will elaborate more in future posts (with more pics, of course!) but for now, it’s on to this past weekend.

Yesterday morning I was told (in mid-conversation, mind you) how pretty I look when I’m pregnant and that pregnancy looks really good on me! The woman (who I work with) that told me this then went on to say that my face just looks lovely and I look so happy. She also said that she thinks of me as a “beautiful baby-making machine” (she tells me often how beautiful she thinks William is – hence the “beautiful baby-making machine” comment). She said I should make sure to take pictures of myself now so I have them. How nice!? I wanted to hug her! I should have hugged her! Especially considering that this particular morning I took the bold (read: not-so-smart) step of weighing myself before getting in the shower and realized I put on 6 lbs. in the last week…Eek! Needless to say, I have been feeling “large and in-charge” since then…So hearing this really made my day – couple that with fall-like weather (again!) and I was one happy mama!! I kept saying all day “it’s going to be a beautiful day!!”

And speaking of beautiful, we had a beautiful weekend with Pete and Kath and I got some great shots. I’m only uploading the ones from my phone since the ones on my SLR are, well, still on my SLR, but fear not! they will come off – as yesterday was also the day that I started my online photography class! Wahoo! Yesterday really was a beautiful day!

Be prepared to gaze over some much-more-professional-looking pictures in the weeks to come as I complete my (much-needed & super-anticipated) Flying Photo School course.

Saturday we took Nana and Granddad to the Phillies game, but before we hit the game, we met some friends in the city for lunch. There is no other way to describe the chaos that ensues when trying to have lunch in a public place with a rambunctious toddler other than as a complete debacle. I think we must have passed that child back and forth (over and under the table) 100 times – easily.



Games with Uncle Steve (anything to keep this child entertained!).lunchcollage2


Because this child was in desperate need of a N-A-P by the time we got to the game, Nick and I spent the first hour or so doing laps around the stadium (with a very upset screaming child) until he finally conked out. Success!


He was in a much better mood after his nap and enjoyed Daddy telling him all about what was going on during the game.rainbow-1

After the game. Can you see the rainbow??





Games with Nana on the way to the car (you can still see the rainbow!)

Here we are at Nick’s soccer tournament on Sunday.

WillairplaneWill doing his best airplane impersonation.

windyIt was so windy!



The clouds were amazing!kathcollageEven Nana was impressed with the clouds.


Picking daisies.




Finally, there’s “Dadddddddy!”


Baby Naming – ugh.

And so it begins. Well, actually, it began about 0.09 seconds after the two, bright blue lines showed up on a certain test in late February: The Baby Naming Dilemma. I am 19.8 weeks pregnant and don’t have a clue what we’ll call this child when we meet him/her in, what I’m sure will be, a short 20 weeks.

Wait, scratch that. I know exactly what we’ll be calling Baby if she’s a she. However, if Baby is a he, we’re screwed – at least as far as I’m concerned. Nick doesn’t seem to be too concerned. In fact, every time I send an email/text or start a conversation with “hey honey, if the baby’s a boy, what do you think about —– ?”, Nick likes to remind me that we weren’t this hung up on William’s name and that we weren’t even that sure of William’s name when I was pregnant. Um, maybe he wasn’t, but I certainly was! I knew, even before I met Nick, that I wanted a son named William with the nickname Will. I just knew. I always loved Jack and John too, so we went with John as his middle name to honor my maternal grandfather, who is super special to me, and it’s also Nick’s middle name, so it was a great fit.

But this time, it’s different. Since we still have the girl’s name we had if Will had been a girl, we’re set there. It’s the boy thing that I’m seriously struggling with. And then I was skimming over a blog today regarding this same quandary that apparently is a world-wide (or maybe just us crazy Americans) issue for parents-to-be these days and came across this:  “There’s also a Caden in my 1 y.o.’s class. Very popular in our circle are Williams, George, and Henry. Several Ryans, too.” LITERALLY, every single one of those names mentioned – George, Henry (Harry), Ryan – are or were, at one time or another,  all on our list of possible names. And we already covered the “William” in that statement! Sigh.

I just have to paste in this email conversation Nick and I had the other day on the topic of boy names. It still makes me chuckle:

 On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Spillane, Megan wrote: How about Leo?? And I just saw the name Penn, which I thought would be cute, but then remembered we already have a “William” and then our kids would be “William” and “Penn” like “William Penn” as in, William Penn – the founder of Pennsylvania and The William Penn Inn, where we got married, Bahahahahahahaha! 

 On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 11:40 AM, Nick Spillane wrote: William Penn!! And the next one you will want to call Teller! Leo’s not bad. Couldn’t image calling our son Leo though! Maybe for the wild name we go the Wilmo route and call him Cash!!! Seriously – Cash! Ow my!

So? What to do? Maybe we will just call Baby No. 2 “William II” or perhaps, “John William”… Well, I do have 20 more weeks, right?

A herniated what??

Over the holiday weekend, I noticed that my belly looked funny – it didn’t hurt or anything – but it definitely didn’t look ‘normal’ to me. Actually, a few months ago {I can’t even remember if it was before I knew I was expecting again or not…} I noticed my belly button was different than it used to be – as in an ‘outtie’ and no longer an ‘innie’.  It also felt like it was disconnected from where it should be. I kind of shrugged it off thinking it was just because it was my second pregnancy and all kinds of funky things happen to your body once you’ve carried a human for the better part of a year. I also felt, and looked like, I was carrying really high for only being 17 weeks along. When I bent backwards {don’t ask why, I don’t even know why}, this thing protruded out of my abdomen just above my belly button. I wasn’t as freaked out as you would think I would be, but my poor husband and friends, who witnessed this in-person, were thoroughly skeeved.

The next day we were with another set of friends and after more circus-like acts of my protruding abdomen and a bunch of Google searches, they convinced me to call my OB. To my surprise, she was barely alarmed. She said it was an umbilical hernia {although I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet} and that “as long as I can push it back in and I’m not vomiting and it doesn’t hurt to touch it” then I am “fine”. And I should wear a pregnancy girdle or belt to help keep it in. FINE? This thing is gross! And besides, I have been spontaneously vomiting – much more so than when I was preggo with Sir William. As a matter of fact, Friday night (when this all first went down), I didn’t feel too well and randomly got violently sick at my mom’s house. After that, I was fine. Saturday, I felt awful. I pretty much was a bump on a log all day. My next OB appointment is next Thursday so you bet I’m going to be all crazy about this when I see that OB woman in-person!

Although in my recent Google research and speaking to a friend who has experienced this same thing – the doctors can probably just do surgery to push it back in {god, that sounds horrific} and stitch up and strengthen my abdominal wall when I have the c-section for baby #2.

I also think I’m going to get a second opinion. If this pregnancy goes anything like the last one did, I’m going to be gi-hugic in a few months and I don’t know how that wouldn’t interfere with my and baby’s well-being, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a normal-looking 4-months-pregnant person:

4 months normal preggoAnd here’s what my belly looks like – only when I bend slightly backwards. But still – already, it looks like I’m carrying this child in my boobs and it is pretty much impossible to pass off the “cute” pregnant belly anymore because of this thing…

hern_umbGross, I know =/

In other happy baby news: I feel lots of kicking going on which just is the best feeling in the whole world, well, that and the daily feeling of being embraced by my little prince as he wraps his arms around my neck, rests his head on my shoulder and gets comfy and into sleep-mode while I’m holding him every night before I put him down. He only recently started doing this, as before, he would just hang out on my chest and put his arms wherever. One day he reached up around my neck, figured it was more comfy (how could it not be?!) and around my neck they have stayed – I am absolutely in-love with his bedtime routine all over again. I’ve also been focusing really hard on every second that we are in that state of mind and state physically since things will definitely be different when the new baby arrives. I have a feeling Daddy will be taking over more of the Bubbs’ bedtimes than usual because I will be fully engulfed in nursing little one every few hours.

I have to say, that as crazy as Will can make me during the day, in the middle of the night {Oh, I have to post about our recent middle-of-the-night-antics real soon too! See? I do have a ton to write about!!} or just in general, it all melts away as I hold him tight, whisper {and sometimes sing) to him how much Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Nana, Granddad and everyone else loves him and breathe in the sweet, just washed smell of his still baby-like scent – I literally go from being a grown, normal functioning woman to just a glob of mushiness and love for this little being that I took part in creating. It’s one of my most favorite things in the world.

Here’s the Bubbs after a much-needed nap a few weeks ago. He was still relying on that Ninny he’s got hanging out of his mouth {like I said earlier, another post-worthy topic!} and this was also before his long-overdue 2nd official haircut too. God, the hair on that kid!

just woke up

Things are changing

My face is twitching, my belly hurts and I just ate way more than my fair share of sweets – what is wrong with me? Oh that’s right, I’m pregnant! Yep, we got the slightly surprising news on a Thursday evening in February after I suffered all day with what would be my first day of 8 weeks of intense nausea. Right then, I knew. So to my trusty CVS store I headed for testing supplies.  The result was instantly this:


This is the only time in my life when I can go a whole day with “weird” things happening to me or I actually do “weird” things and it doesn’t phase me. Pregnancy: a miracle of life and what women’s bodies are capable of, but also such an odd and peculiar experience when you get down to it.

Baby Spillane #2 is due on, ready for it…October 31st. Yes, that’s right, one day after Will’s 2nd birthday. Us Spillanes really love the month of October, and not only that, clearly the Halloween holiday! So, as of today, I’m 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant – hallelujah for the 2nd trimester!

The past 8 weeks have been pretty tough and gross. I found out I was pregnant because the nausea set in immediately and it came on extremely strong – daily vomiting and gagging were the norm. Generally feeling like death was an everyday thing for the first three weeks. It was horrible. Around week 10, things started to ease up a bit, but I would randomly have spells of total nausea and feeling like I could be sick at any moment at the slightest smell (or thought!) that didn’t sit well with me. Today, I’m feeling much better, but I do have a small sense of lingering nausea if I haven’t eaten anything substantial in more than an hour, if I’m dehydrated or if I think about feeling nauseous, so on that note, I’m changing the subject!

Here is Will proudly sporting his ‘Big Brother’ t-shirt a few weeks ago. He doesn’t quite get it yet, but I’m sure as my belly grows, it’ll start to make more sense to him.

big brother will

Oh yes, and this also means that the new job hunt is on hold… for about the next year. My goal was to be out of here by March, but clearly God had other plans for us – that’s OK, we’re happy with what he has in mind for our family!


Life with William: The First Week

Again, I know it’s been forever since I posted, and honestly, I thought I’d be so much better at it once I was home, not working and would have “all this time” – but it seems to not be the case. And when I do have the time, sometimes I just don’t feel like typing…Anyway,  life with our new addition, Will has been fantastic. He is the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever laid my eyes on and it amazes me every day that he’s mine and that I was 50% responsible for creating him, my beautiful, perfect, precious son!

My heart melts with every little coo, facial expression and even the sound and feel of his daily explosions – which sounds gross, but the tensing of his body and the grunt he makes just before it happens and then the slight smile and expression of satisfaction on his face after it’s over are to die for – it gets me laughing out loud every time. Ahhh, he’s so his parents’ son – and we love him more than we ever thought possible. It’s SO TRUE what they say – and until we actually had him, we were in no way able to imagine the love that we were about to feel and share for this little person we created. Gosh, I am tearing up right now as I type this. So on that note, I’ll add some pictures.

Arrival of our bundle of joy!

My handsome boy.

Proud papa!

Meeting my baby for the first time – he was nameless at this point!

Proud Grammy!

Love him so much already.

1st Halloween.


Mommy and daddy can’t get enough, so we take LOTS of pictures of Will in the hospital.

Going home.

At home – what do we do with him now?? Take pictures, of course!!

Grammy came for a visit.

We took our first sponge bath.

More pictures of Will doing “things”.