We have a fence!

By the grace of the fence gods (and lots and lots of praying), we finally have a fenced-in yard for the Little Man to run around in! It was literally the hottest day of the week (month, year, century?! Weather.com actually said it was 100 degrees with a heat index of 113 degrees!) and our trusty fence experts still arrived on time and did fast, quality work – taking only 3 hours to get the whole job done! Granted, our yard is like the size of the average American’s living room, but still…Anyway, isn’t she purdddy??


Side gate.fence - side gate-1

Back gate by garage.back gate-1

And look! They even left me some space to get to the back of my garden!gate - behind garden-1We are so happy with it and have been enjoying being able to be “owwwsssiiiiiide”, as William says, without having to hover over him every second hoping he doesn’t get loose! It’s been grand!

I will have to do a big, long update on the demolition and renovation of the backyard at some point to show it from start to finish. I think it looks awesome and is so much more functioning, for our purposes and needs, than it was before. Today is not the day I will doing that update though. I have pictures on my big camera, Nick’s iPhone, my iPhone, the Macbook and my work computer – just getting all the pictures together in the same place is going to be a big enough feat for me at this point!


Decorating Decisions

So over the past few months, I actually have made some progress (due, largely in part, to my mom – the forever-decorating-goddess) with Will’s new room and have had some thoughts about changes I’m making to the existing nursery, which Will is still in, and will be staying in until whoknowswhen. Anyway, for Will’s new room (our old spare room – read: clutter gatherer), we made progress by cleaning it out and getting the border off the wall. We also picked out, ordered and have received his new bedroom set, well 75% of it at least.


chest of drawers


Bed & chest of drawers are both from Pottery Barn Kids – Catalina Cottage Collection.

Bedding is also from Pottery Barn Kids – Patrick Quilted Bedding Collection.

We picked a pretty blue color to paint the walls – similar to the light blue in the comforter – it’s by Valspar but I’m not entirely sure of the color – when I get home, I will find it and update this post.

I’m also thinking of adding one of these to his room, which currently has a funky turquoise-y/green carpet (same one that’s in the nursery), to break it up and add some “fun” to the floor:

car rug

road rug

road rug 2

The top rug and bottom two play mats are from IKEA.

As far as what other accessories are going in his room, I’m kind of unsure. My mom wants to get him the desk that goes with his bedroom set and then he just needs some fun stuff in there – like some hooks to hang his jackets on and maybe some kind of storage apparatus for toys/books/gadgets. Oh and I forgot to mention, I want to do Roman shades instead of curtains. Shopping for curtains for the nursery last time was pain staking and I don’t look forward to doing it again, so for now, the shades will do.

I will probably do something like  this – but maybe in a more fun color, depending on how I’m feeling:

shades - neutral

As for stuff on the walls, I have a few things from his nursery that I will transfer over to his big boy room, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve actually looked for things for his room. But, being that I already have the car/truck theme in his bedding, it shouldn’t be that hard.

And the nursery. I’m making a few updates. Since we didn’t find out what we’re having this time either, it’s staying neutral, but I am getting rid of the over-sized, kinda junky dresser we currently have (which also doubled as my changing station, but ended up being too high for me, so I relegated changing to the floor on the pad…{Mother-of-the-Year, I know}) and replacing it with either a changing table, which can be used as shelves after the baby is bigger, and a smaller dresser, or perhaps just a nicer, smaller dresser that can still be used as a changing table too.

Here are the ones I found so far that I like and that are in my budget:

changing table

dresserBoth are from IKEA.

I will post pics as I get things in place and it all starts to look nice and lovely!

Busy, busy, busy

There are so many things that I want to blog about right now! At thisverysecond! But I must not, otherwise, this post could end up being pages and pages long. So, I’m going to pace myself and attempt to pick a few days this week to blog about the many topics running through my head.

Today, er, tonight, I’m posting about all the lovely dishes that have been made in the slightly-cooking-space-challenged kitchen at 141 5th Avenue in the past week or so.

Hubby has been very busy! First, he perfected his Italian loaf of bread! As lovely as this looks, it tasted too! Good work, honey!

Next, came the scones…and more scones! He made plain ones initially but then added chocolate chips. Finally, he made the ones I was craving and wanting to make ever since I came across It was such a lovely surprise: I had emailed him the recipe earlier in the day expressing how much I couldn’t wait to make them when I got home and when I walked through the door, they were baking in the oven. Bliss! The house smelled amazing and I was ready to dig in. They were everything I was hoping they would be. This will definitely become a go-to, favorite recipe – I’m sure of it.


Last night I made this lovely dish that I just call Spinach Fettuccine with Artichokes, Asparagus & Shrimp. I found it on a pregnancy blog video. There are no measurements for the ingredients or anything – and to actually make it, I had to copy the transcript of the video into a Word document just so I could follow along and figure out all the ingredients I needed. All that nonsense aside, this was scrumptious! Although I wish I had taken a picture of it last night when it was freshly placed in my dish, not this afternoon when I was about to dig into the leftovers…Anyway, you can kinda see all the yummy things in this: shrimp, roasted red peppers, asparagus, artichoke hearts, spinach fettuccine.
shrimp pasta

And last but not least, the Hubby made these stuffed bell peppers tonight. We would definitely make these again – the only tweak we would make is that we would add the “ketchup mixture” to the filling, not just on top. But a very yummy dish!

And for the Memorial Day weekend/Grandpa’s birthday picnic at Mom’s house, I made this heaven-in-a-bowl dip. I thought it was divine! To my surprise, there aren’t many artichoke lovers in my family so most of it came back with me – which just means more for me! I didn’t take any pictures of my final product, but the picture in the recipe post is very similar to what mine ended up looking like. Yuuuuummmm.

By the way, if it’s not obviously yet – my new favorite website for everything, and I mean everything – from really yummy recipes to how to store herbs and the best way (read: easiest) to cut a pineapple, is Simply Recipes. I’m slightly obsessed. I have a list of recipes in my ‘recipe box’ on this site that I’m slowly making my way through and can’t wait to try them all!

OK, now that I’m starving (again) and I’m sure you are too, I’m going to end it here. It’s bedtime! Happy dreaming!

Nick’s iPhone photo dump

So when the ‘nice’ camera isn’t within an arm’s reach (which, rarely, it ever is) for those oh-so-precious moments (which happen very often) that I must capture, Nick’s iPhone becomes the object of my affection obsession – so long as it’s not securely attached to his hip. The other day, Nick plugged that fantastic piece of technology into the trusty old MacBook and automatically all 486,927,194 pictures quickly uploaded. So, here are a bunch of my favorites.

Picture Post!

Finally, here are pictures of the inside of my house (minus pics of the bedroom, the baby’s room – because those were posted the other day, the kitchen – it’s not that exciting, and the deck and newly cleaned-up garden). I’ll make sure to get more pictures of the things I’m missing soon!

38 weeks, 2 days pregnant. Bare belly and covered belly. I think I see some droppage there!

Also, a few from my baby shower, courtesy of Sarah and Dennis & Amy.

So, after that lovely display of photos,  a doctor’s appointment update should complete this entry.

I’m 80% effaced, but not dilated yet. So I’m thin but not open (sorry for the gruesome detail). The doctor told me she “loves” the way I’m carrying, but I’m still a bit high. We discussed a little bit of our birth plan and I’m relieved to say that I will be allowed to walk around and move around during labor once I get to the hospital and won’t have to be tethered to the bed by an IV or stuck in stir-ups. My next appointment is Monday, the 17th. Until then, tonight’s a full moon and I have team training all day for work tomorrow, so Murphy’s Law will either put me into labor tonight or do nothing at all.