Commitments & Changes

On the road to financial security – Week 1:

I canceled our cable, internet and phone line today – it’s effective as of Friday. It was a little bit liberating and a little bit scary all at once. I’m waiting for my mind to be blown in the “life without 859 channels and 24/7 internet access” way, if you know what I mean. Our (my) plan is to get to the internet via our iPhones – use them as Hot Spots – and upgrade our monthly data usage since we won’t be hopping onto our Wi-Fi every time we’re home, saving our data usage, since it no longer exists. So we won’t be completely without access to the outside world. But it’ll be different and I’m sure challenging. But I think we’ll survive.

I’ve wanted to do this for years. But only until now, was it actually a necessity. Without getting too detailed in our financial situation, now’s the time that we really need the extra $144-$150/month, so it has to be done. Maternity leave (unpaid, I might add…) is coming up in a short 10 weeks (eek!! {Did you read that, Nick? 10 WEEKS! Gosh, it seems so much closer when it’s actually written out like that…}), we’ll be feeding/insuring/diapering another family member, we already have one family member to feed/insure/diaper/send to the babysitter that we didn’t have last time I was on (unpaid) maternity leave and the fall, albeit my favorite time of year, marks the beginning of the end of Nick’s “busy” season – translation? Not as much money coming in. So. All that combined together equals high stress levels due to finances – and that’s one thing I don’t want to have to worry about this time around…

I want to make a commitment to myself, my family and this blog, that we’re really going to do the things that we say we’re going to do every year around this time, whether or not there’s a little one on the way. So I’m thinking that putting it out here for me and others to see, will make me more accountable and I’ll better stick to my guns about the changes I want to make for my family and I. But I need do this one thing at a time, unlike everything else that I do, instead of jumping all in, getting overwhelmed and completely quitting.

This week, I canceled Comcast.

Next week, I will start canning the abundance of basil and tomatoes we have growing in our yard to live off of in the winter.

Wish me luck!!


We have a fence!

By the grace of the fence gods (and lots and lots of praying), we finally have a fenced-in yard for the Little Man to run around in! It was literally the hottest day of the week (month, year, century?! actually said it was 100 degrees with a heat index of 113 degrees!) and our trusty fence experts still arrived on time and did fast, quality work – taking only 3 hours to get the whole job done! Granted, our yard is like the size of the average American’s living room, but still…Anyway, isn’t she purdddy??


Side gate.fence - side gate-1

Back gate by garage.back gate-1

And look! They even left me some space to get to the back of my garden!gate - behind garden-1We are so happy with it and have been enjoying being able to be “owwwsssiiiiiide”, as William says, without having to hover over him every second hoping he doesn’t get loose! It’s been grand!

I will have to do a big, long update on the demolition and renovation of the backyard at some point to show it from start to finish. I think it looks awesome and is so much more functioning, for our purposes and needs, than it was before. Today is not the day I will doing that update though. I have pictures on my big camera, Nick’s iPhone, my iPhone, the Macbook and my work computer – just getting all the pictures together in the same place is going to be a big enough feat for me at this point!

Happy Snapshots

In the midst of all the sad, unfortunate and horrible things that occurred last week (Boston, West, TX, building collapse in Bangladesh), I decided to pick out and edit some of my favorite recent photos that make me happy. When I was feeling helpless about this insane world we live in and uneasy and scared about bringing another life into such a crazy world, I reflected on the things in my life that are good and happy and lovely.

Here are some of them.

boys sleeping











38 weeks, 1 day

We are still here. Still pregnant. Still working. Still carrying on. It’s OK though, my due date is still 13 days away. I was 25 days late, my brother was 3 weeks late, my mom and her 3 sisters were all late – what makes me think that I’ll be early? And anyway, the more time this baby takes to come out, (yes, the bigger it gets, but I’m trying not to think about that part) the more time Nick and I get together as just a couple and not yet a family of 3.

We hired the doula, Christina, and had our first prenatal visit with her last night. It went really well. She’s super nice and informative and I feel really relaxed and comfortable around her. She gave us a bunch of massage techniques to get me through labor and contractions and gave us a better idea of our options once we get to the hospital. She also gave me pointers on what I will and won’t need in my hospital bag, so I repacked that last night.

Something else she told us was that most first-time moms, statistically, go late, about a week late, so thinking this baby is coming before October 23rd, isn’t exactly realistic. It’s OK. At least I know I’ll have a baby in less than 4 weeks since they won’t let me go more than a week to 10 days past my due date.

So until that day, we wait. And clean. And hang out. And rest. And eat out. And go to the movies. And go for walks. And just enjoy these last few baby-free days/weeks.

I have a doctor’s appointment today, which I’ll update on here afterwards and then Nick and I are going to do something us-related. He was away at a tournament all weekend so I think we got to spend a total of about 10 hours together since Friday night. Tonight we’re either going to go see a movie, go out to eat or take a walk around our neighborhood. Or possibly all 3!

Oh and the shades for the baby’s room came Saturday morning, so Mom hung them for me Saturday night – and they look fabulous! I’ll take a picture and post when I can.

Yesterday Gram and Grandpa came over with my mom for a nice Sunday afternoon turkey dinner, with gravy, mashed potatoes, Gram’s famous sweet potatoes and sides – the only thing I was missing (whoops!) was biscuits. But we had blueberry pie with cool whip and ice cream and chocolate chip cookies to make up for them. It was yummy!

After we ate, we headed out to the garden to pull out weeds, dead veggie plants and pick any remaining veggies that can be used. I feel really good about how the garden looks now and that it’s ready for the first frost and the winter and won’t be a gigantic mess to clean up in the Spring. Thanks Mom and Grandmpa for all your help!

It was a really nice, relaxing Sunday, completed with a visit from our doula and Dexter with Nick.


People have been asking and asking (and asking and asking) me to see pictures of our fabulous and abundant garden that we were so fortunate to receive with the purchase of our little happy house. So finally, last Friday, I went outside into it before work, picked a bunch of stuff that was ripe and went as crazy as I could with my camera.

Just to clarify, the veggies/fruits we have are: tomatoes (lots of tomatoes), pole beans, onions galore, leeks, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, a small pepper plant, a small hot pepper plant, cucumbers, Swiss chard, rhubarb, rosemary, a strawberry patch (the plants in the square box in the middle of the garden), french apples, concord grapes (over the swing), blueberries (out front) and raspberries (at the end of the driveway).

I love my garden! And it’s a good thing I’m taking pictures now, because chances are pretty good that it won’t look this lovely next year – ya know, with me and Nick being first-time gardeners and all.

The yummy veggies!