Beautiful days

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but Nana and Granddad are here!! They arrived safely about 2 weeks ago and have been a great help since stepping foot in the US. Will is over the moon to spend time with them and show them all his tricks. Some days, I don’t even get a “hello” when I get home from work because now it’s all about Nana and Granddad – Mommy and Daddy only come into play when he’s in one of his “moods”. Anywho, it’s been great – we’ve done some fun things and have had a lot of time to just spend good, quality time together. I will elaborate more in future posts (with more pics, of course!) but for now, it’s on to this past weekend.

Yesterday morning I was told (in mid-conversation, mind you) how pretty I look when I’m pregnant and that pregnancy looks really good on me! The woman (who I work with) that told me this then went on to say that my face just looks lovely and I look so happy. She also said that she thinks of me as a “beautiful baby-making machine” (she tells me often how beautiful she thinks William is – hence the “beautiful baby-making machine” comment). She said I should make sure to take pictures of myself now so I have them. How nice!? I wanted to hug her! I should have hugged her! Especially considering that this particular morning I took the bold (read: not-so-smart) step of weighing myself before getting in the shower and realized I put on 6 lbs. in the last week…Eek! Needless to say, I have been feeling “large and in-charge” since then…So hearing this really made my day – couple that with fall-like weather (again!) and I was one happy mama!! I kept saying all day “it’s going to be a beautiful day!!”

And speaking of beautiful, we had a beautiful weekend with Pete and Kath and I got some great shots. I’m only uploading the ones from my phone since the ones on my SLR are, well, still on my SLR, but fear not! they will come off – as yesterday was also the day that I started my online photography class! Wahoo! Yesterday really was a beautiful day!

Be prepared to gaze over some much-more-professional-looking pictures in the weeks to come as I complete my (much-needed & super-anticipated) Flying Photo School course.

Saturday we took Nana and Granddad to the Phillies game, but before we hit the game, we met some friends in the city for lunch. There is no other way to describe the chaos that ensues when trying to have lunch in a public place with a rambunctious toddler other than as a complete debacle. I think we must have passed that child back and forth (over and under the table) 100 times – easily.



Games with Uncle Steve (anything to keep this child entertained!).lunchcollage2


Because this child was in desperate need of a N-A-P by the time we got to the game, Nick and I spent the first hour or so doing laps around the stadium (with a very upset screaming child) until he finally conked out. Success!


He was in a much better mood after his nap and enjoyed Daddy telling him all about what was going on during the game.rainbow-1

After the game. Can you see the rainbow??





Games with Nana on the way to the car (you can still see the rainbow!)

Here we are at Nick’s soccer tournament on Sunday.

WillairplaneWill doing his best airplane impersonation.

windyIt was so windy!



The clouds were amazing!kathcollageEven Nana was impressed with the clouds.


Picking daisies.




Finally, there’s “Dadddddddy!”


Binkygate & Other Adventures

OK, before I forget and carry on with the recent ups and downs of mommyhood that I must put into words, I absolutely have to document all about Binkygate since it was such a huge part of our lives recently!

A few Fridays ago, {May, 24th) we started the roller coaster experience of weaning the Will from his beloved Ninny, otherwise known as his binky. It all started at Grammy’s house {OK, we had one night off our hands…} and she said he did pretty well with it, until about 3am, then 4am, and finally 5am. He was staying there while Nick and I were out gallivanting til 1am with friends. I kid. We were just having dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile, so anyway, we arrived back at Grammy’s at 130am, snuck into the spare room adjacent to Will’s’ nursery a la Grammy and settled in for a what-we-hoped-would-be 5-5.5 hour snooze before he woke at his normal wake-up time of 630/7am.

No such luck. As I stated earlier, he was up at 3am – we were spared by Grammy – bless her heart. Then at 4am, again Grammy to the rescue. And finally at 5am, at which point I drug my still-clothed-in-last-yesterday’s-clothes {we hadn’t planned on staying at Grammy’s that night} body and attempted to rock the child back to sleep, praying to God it would work and we’d get another hour to sleep. Again, strike out. After about 3 minutes of him snuggling on my shoulder, his head popped up and he blurted, “Mommyyyy. Hiyaaa! Waaadderrr. Oussssiddde.” Crap.

So he was up and so were we. It literally took us the entire weekend and into Tuesday {Monday was Memorial Day} to recover. The next few nights were quite similar. I think, finally, by night 3, he slept through the night without that stupid, plastic necessity of his and then nights 4 and 5, he was back to being up a handful of times. I know one night, it might have been Wednesday {that week is such a blur that I couldn’t say which night it was if my life depended on it}, we gave in and just gave him Ninny because we just needed some sleep. And one night he ended up in bed with us and an hour later, I was on the couch.

It was rough. BUT, here we are over a week later and I think we’re finally back on the road to healthy sleep habits! He goes to bed fairly easy without it and for the past two {definitely, possibly three} nights, he’s slept through the night, once again. Hallelujah.


Baby No. 2 will not be getting a binky from Day One! Haha, well, we’ll see – but maybe we would  just start weaning at a little younger age instead.

Onto other adventures:

The weekend of June 1/2 (I started writing this post over a week ago…) started lovely. I got out of work early on Friday due to working the bulk of my hours earlier in the week, Nick finished up a lot of the backyard demo he had been working on into Friday night and we had a nice take-out dinner on the deck with Will corralled in, going nuts with his water table while Nick and I relaxed.

Saturday started very nicely. Bubbs and I went to the farmer’s market to get our local pullet eggs, veggies for the week and picked up some potted herb plants while Nick coached until noon. When Nick got home, we got ready and packed the car for a ride up to our Qtown friends’ house to splash in baby pools and eat ribs. We just had to make a quick stop along the way at the grocery store to pick up a few things.

While I went inside, Nick drove around the parking lot with Will so as not to piss him off by getting him in and out of the much-hated car seat more than absolutely necessary. Then came the call. The “Will has just gotten sick everywhere, send help quick!” call. Ugh. I hurried through the checkout wondering what I was going to be walking into when I finally arrived back at the car and when I got outside, they were nowhere in sight. I whipped out my beloved, cherished, attached-to-my-hip iPhone to call and see where they were parked and SPLAT! It slipped out of my unsteady fingers like grains of sand and landed face-down on the concrete with an awful I-just-broke-into-a-million-pieces sound. Shhhhhhiiiiiittt. A million pieces is right – fortunately, iPhones are made with tempered glass, so it was still in once piece, per say, but it isn’t pretty.

Broke Ass Phone

Broke Ass Phone

I can’t even tell you what it feels like to read texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails and dial my contacts list on this thing. Fortunately, a good friend (Thanks Joe!) mentioned a place in the KOP mall that replaces stuff like this, aptly called UBreakIFix. For $90 I can get a new screen, in less than an hour. PTL! {that’s Praise The Lord for all my non-religious- acronym-using readers) Oh and no, my phone was not wearing this awesome, protective cover when it was dropped…


Went to UBreakIFix this weekend (June 8) and got a brand new screen. It’s like a whole new phone! And that case is staying on forrrreeevvvveerrrr {insert line from The Sandlot}.

Onto the mess that occurred in the parking lot.  It was a mess. A right mess. It was disgusting and everywhere. I think we used an entire package of wipes to clean up the child, the car seat and the actual car. It was so bad, that Will  had to sit in it with just a towel and wearing his diaper to get to our destination. Oh and this was when I was like, “the child faces front from now on!” Clearly, he has issues going backwards at 19 months old and having his knees in his chest because his legs are so scrunched. He’s been sick in Nick’s car a handful of times, with no continued sickness afterwards – just a nice vomit and then he’s fine. If you ask me, I’d say it’s car sickness.

Anyway, he’s front and he’s loving it. He definitely held on like he was on a fair ride at first, before passing out and taking a much-needed snooze the rest of the way.

Will after sick1

Now onto the fun part of the weekend.

Babies and pools.





shafers pool collage

shafers 12

shafers wagon collage

The Zoo.


Zero cooperation with posed pictures...

Zero cooperation with posed pictures…



There was lots of pointing at everything! Will was in awe and every few seconds uttering an excited {and adorable} “huuuuuuhh!!! ohhhhhh!!”



Will was hesitant, at first, about entering the long, windy tunnel, but eventually he caved (no pun intended!) and ended up loving it and going back around through it about 100 times.zootunnelzoodaddy2Will really loved the zoo – we all had a great time! We’ll definitely be going back – maybe even a membership is in our future??

Recap of March

Ah, so now it’s April – the month of showers which brings May flowers! Lots going on this month too: a cousin’s wedding,  lots of birthdays (b-i-l Chris, friends Sarah, Melissa & April), a trip to the children’s consignment convention and lots of yard work.

But I need to get back to all the fun things we did in March. The kitty-sitting went well – well, for us it did. I don’t know if Hank and Harriet would agree, but Will loved them (maybe a little too much).

The weekend away for my birthday was the highlight of March! We went to Cape May, NJ – one of my all-time favorite places to be. I don’t care that it’s March, that it’s pretty much a ghost town or that it’s so cold, between the crappy March weather and dealing with coastal winds, that you can only bear 15 minutes tops outside. It’s the BEACH. And I heart the beach. Anytime. And Cape May is so much more than just a beach town. It’s beautiful. It’s historic. And it’s just lovely. To top it all off, my mom created a whole birthday scavenger hunt-type adventure for us, complete with numbered envelopes and an itinerary as to when to open each of them.

birthday hunt

She booked us in one of the most beautiful places we’ve stayed – The Southern Mansion on Washington Street. It was beyond a beauty to look at, the ambiance of the whole place was amazing, the full breakfast was delicious, and the history of the house was fascinating. To add to all of that awesome-ness, the owner also has a winery in Cape May and our stay included a tour and tasting. Bonus!

outside mansion

The weather that weekend was perfect, it was cold and windy – it was March after all – but, it was supposed to rain Friday and Saturday and it didn’t, so that was a definite plus.

Nick and I soaked up the alone time and all the little luxuries the place had to offer. It was a fabulous weekend!

living room

photo (3)

photo (4)

Nick was very interested in the old bunker that used to be out in the ocean, but due to recent restoring of the beach, it’s now on land again.


Birthday dinner with my best girls was a splendid-good time. Time with them, but away from hubbies and babies, is ALWAYS a wonderful and most cherished time. We went to the local Iron Hill Brewery, ate good food, had wonderful conversation and really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the four of us, but I did snag a picture of the scene when we returned to my house where the hubbies were watching the children. We were all shocked. Four husbands sitting in the living room with beers and CHILD-LESS! All the children were fast-asleep in their pack & plays. It was bliss!


March on!

It’s March!

The month of spring! The month of Easter! The month of snowstorms (usually). And, most exciting and important of them all, the month of my birth!

We have lots going on this month and hopefully, as I make yet another “commitment” to nurture and love this blog, I will be blogging about all of them. We have kitten-sitting, my beloved Aunt Ella’s memorial service, an Erin Express-style bachelorette party, my mom’s birthday, my birthday, our weekend away for my birthday, our niece Evie’s birthday, the impending arrival of Evie’s little brother, Good Friday BBQ and of course Easter. Phew. That’s a lot of stuff. I’m exhausted just typing this. But it is a blessing to be this busy and have so many things going on. I’m grateful for all of them – and am ready to take them all on – starting with kitten-sitting tomorrow.

Hank and Harriet, our feline niece and nephew (father is brother, Jamison), are home alone this weekend while their father goes gallivanting around Upstate NY on the back of a snow mobile with friends. So we’re checking in, giving some love and will anxiously watch as Will interacts with kitties much smaller than his “Owwiiiiiwwwerr & Odohhh” (that’s “Oliver & Opie” for us non-baby speaking people), praying that he doesn’t do permanent psychological damage to the furry babies.  It should be fun.

I would have to say that the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the weekend away for my birthday. This trip is sans William. Although I know we will both miss his little snuggle bug face dearly, it is something both Nick and I really need. I think the last time we spent a weekend together, alone, was for my birthday when I was pregnant with Will. That was two years ago. It’s time.

The location of this weekend away is still yet a mystery to me, as my mom is keeping it a secret from me (it’s a present from her – but she gave Nick the details since he’s the one driving). I don’t care where it is, as long as I get to sleep in, can pee/make myself something to eat without be tugged on and only have to dress one person for more than a day, I’m happy. Ahh, the little things…


Holidays, New Years and Surprises

OMG. I started writing this entry like a week ago and am only getting to finish it now…I’ve gotten so bad at updating, but it’s hard during the day, especially since, surprisingly, I’m not perusing the internet all day and there’s this cute, little person I have to tend to 24 hours a day. Anyway, enough excuses, here is the post.

Ahhh, the Christmas season is finally over – I don’t mean ‘finally’ in a negative way, but although I’ve always felt that the weeks, work and money leading up to Christmas far outweighs the length of the actual 1-day celebration, this year, it seemed to last longer than previous years. Perhaps because this year, we had a little extra something in our celebration: being parents and having a little one to share the magic of the season with. As wonderful as it was, and it was wonderful, I’m happy to be getting ‘back to normal’ just before I have to go back to work. Yep, back to work. The inevitable has finally arrived – January. And so, I shall return to work as a full-time working mom.

This is going to be a challenge. I could barely get just me out of the house before, now I have a little one to get ready too. I can do it. I can do it. I will do it. And so I’ve been preparing for what that’s going to be like – trying to get up earlier and earlier and not laying in my bed in a sea of blankets, sheets and pillows snuggled up to my little sweet-pea like I have been these past few, wondrous weeks. I also make sure to get showered and dressed in ‘real’ clothes every day too – even if I have nowhere to go. It helps me get more motivated. Wish me luck.

Christmas was so much more special and magical this year knowing we had a little one to celebrate with and to show what this wonderful holiday is all about. Although he’s a little too young to really understand what it is, it was a blast opening presents for him and showing him all his fabulous gifts that Santa brought him. And then when we got to Grammy’s, the presents piled up even more! This kid is going to be so spoiled and he’s going to get used to this. Crap. Everything about this Christmas was really great. We spent the whole day at my mom’s after opening and eating breakfast in our little abode. The food at mom’s was really good – we didn’t have a turkey like we usually do (although Mom kept telling me we don’t always have a turkey. I seem to recall differently…) but we had an abundance and mishmash of all kinds of other things and it was just really good. And the company was fabulous.

A few days before Christmas, on Nick’s birthday, Nick and I got to go out to a really nice dinner at the William Penn Inn and enjoy some fantastic food and a tasty bottle of wine kid-free. Grammy took him to the mall to finish up some last-minute holiday shopping and everyone was happy. Nick thought that was the last of his pile of 30 gifts, but ahhhh, he was wrong…

On New Year’s Eve, I whisked him out of the house to do some grocery shopping for stuff we ‘needed’ while my mom crept into our house and arranged food, candy and goodies in our dining room, complete with a birthday cake and ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ balloons. Everyone else arrived while we were out and about, except Nick was rushing me along so the Copi walked in right behind us and closely behind them were the Messingers. It didn’t matter though, my mom, Sarah and Jamie were there to yell “SURPRISE”! and scare the you-know-what out of him. It was spectacular.

The evening turned out to be really great and memorable. There was more food than we needed, the company was great and Nick was really happy and utterly stunned that I pulled something as top-secret as a surprise 30th party for him. We also got to meet the newest addition to the Messinger family, little Harper. She was such a trooper – at a mere 12 days old, she made it to midnight. That kid totally rocks! She even beat out her new friend, William, who hit the baby hay at 9ish.

It was easily one of my all-time favorite New Year’s Eves.

Nick and Will on Nick’s birthday with his ’30 presents’.


Christmas hats!

Posed family pictures.


A visit from the Shafer family gave William and Sadie another chance to get to know each other and the mommies a chance to catch up in person.

Will decided he finally wanted to smile long enough for us to not only get the camera and turn it to the right setting, but to capture a bunch of adorably cute shots too. God, I just want to eat that kid – he’s so cute!! And Mom, don’t you think he totally looks like me in the below picture?

New Year’s/Nick’s surprise party.

On our way to get Daddy out of the house so Grammy and Aunt Sarah can sneak in and get set up!

The Messingers with baby Harper!

It was a fantastic few weeks and there were even more events and fun things that we did, but seeing as this post took me over a week and 30+ pictures to complete, those I’ll save for another day. Happy holidays and 2012!!