How are we doing? Week 2

So we have been without cable and phone for almost two weeks now – and to be honest, we haven’t really noticed it. Granted, we had visitors to keep us distracted/occupied up until last Tuesday, but honestly, there’s not that much time to sit and watch TV anyway. {OMG. Lightbulb! Now I know why I felt like I had no time! Cuz it was all spent on my butt in front of the boob tube!! }

The biggest thing I thought we’d miss would be watching the morning news, but with our mornings starting earlier and being a little more hectic since Nick’s preseason started last Monday (he has to leave by 630/7), I don’t possibly know how we’d have time to sit and watch it anyway.

Oh and the Internet. Right. Well, don’t tell Comcast, but we still had it for about a week after it was disconnected for some reason!! So we’ve only just begun to experience the no Wi-Fi life. The cable is definitely gone, which we know because while playing a family game of Scrabble the last Friday night the Spillanes were here, we had the Phillies game on in the background and suddenly it shut off. But with just a very non ceremonial “DVR is no longer available” message printed across a blank, black screen. And that was that. Off went the TV; on went the stereo.
And that’s pretty much how it’s been since. I prefer music waves filling my house as opposed to trashy (mostly) shows and sports programs/games/commentary/anything (sorry honey) anyhow.

So once the Internet goes for good (which will definitely happen when we return the modem), we’ll use our phones as hot spots. I upgraded our data usage from 2GB per month to 4GB for only $10 more per month.

UPDATE: (I drafted this post about a week ago…) The Internet did go. And it sucks. Partly because turning our hot spots on and off is annoying, but mostly because you’d be amazed at how many daily functions require actual Wi-Fi… So we’re off exploring ‘just Internet’ options now. I’ll update how we make out.

Also, I was feeling pretty motivated the weekend we canceled the triple play so I already made and canned some tomato sauce and a jar of roasted red peppers and some pesto. It feels great to be using my resources and prepping for the winter!

I have some things I’m going to tackle tonight too that I’ll put on here after they’re done.

Just for fun, here is what our bed looked like a few weeks ago when Will decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crib that night.



Commitments & Changes

On the road to financial security – Week 1:

I canceled our cable, internet and phone line today – it’s effective as of Friday. It was a little bit liberating and a little bit scary all at once. I’m waiting for my mind to be blown in the “life without 859 channels and 24/7 internet access” way, if you know what I mean. Our (my) plan is to get to the internet via our iPhones – use them as Hot Spots – and upgrade our monthly data usage since we won’t be hopping onto our Wi-Fi every time we’re home, saving our data usage, since it no longer exists. So we won’t be completely without access to the outside world. But it’ll be different and I’m sure challenging. But I think we’ll survive.

I’ve wanted to do this for years. But only until now, was it actually a necessity. Without getting too detailed in our financial situation, now’s the time that we really need the extra $144-$150/month, so it has to be done. Maternity leave (unpaid, I might add…) is coming up in a short 10 weeks (eek!! {Did you read that, Nick? 10 WEEKS! Gosh, it seems so much closer when it’s actually written out like that…}), we’ll be feeding/insuring/diapering another family member, we already have one family member to feed/insure/diaper/send to the babysitter that we didn’t have last time I was on (unpaid) maternity leave and the fall, albeit my favorite time of year, marks the beginning of the end of Nick’s “busy” season – translation? Not as much money coming in. So. All that combined together equals high stress levels due to finances – and that’s one thing I don’t want to have to worry about this time around…

I want to make a commitment to myself, my family and this blog, that we’re really going to do the things that we say we’re going to do every year around this time, whether or not there’s a little one on the way. So I’m thinking that putting it out here for me and others to see, will make me more accountable and I’ll better stick to my guns about the changes I want to make for my family and I. But I need do this one thing at a time, unlike everything else that I do, instead of jumping all in, getting overwhelmed and completely quitting.

This week, I canceled Comcast.

Next week, I will start canning the abundance of basil and tomatoes we have growing in our yard to live off of in the winter.

Wish me luck!!