Busy, busy, busy

There are so many things that I want to blog about right now! At thisverysecond! But I must not, otherwise, this post could end up being pages and pages long. So, I’m going to pace myself and attempt to pick a few days this week to blog about the many topics running through my head.

Today, er, tonight, I’m posting about all the lovely dishes that have been made in the slightly-cooking-space-challenged kitchen at 141 5th Avenue in the past week or so.

Hubby has been very busy! First, he perfected his Italian loaf of bread! As lovely as this looks, it tasted too! Good work, honey!

Next, came the scones…and more scones! He made plain ones initially but then added chocolate chips. Finally, he made the ones I was craving and wanting to make ever since I came across It was such a lovely surprise: I had emailed him the recipe earlier in the day expressing how much I couldn’t wait to make them when I got home and when I walked through the door, they were baking in the oven. Bliss! The house smelled amazing and I was ready to dig in. They were everything I was hoping they would be. This will definitely become a go-to, favorite recipe – I’m sure of it.


Last night I made this lovely dish that I just call Spinach Fettuccine with Artichokes, Asparagus & Shrimp. I found it on a pregnancy blog video. There are no measurements for the ingredients or anything – and to actually make it, I had to copy the transcript of the video into a Word document just so I could follow along and figure out all the ingredients I needed. All that nonsense aside, this was scrumptious! Although I wish I had taken a picture of it last night when it was freshly placed in my dish, not this afternoon when I was about to dig into the leftovers…Anyway, you can kinda see all the yummy things in this: shrimp, roasted red peppers, asparagus, artichoke hearts, spinach fettuccine.
shrimp pasta

And last but not least, the Hubby made these stuffed bell peppers tonight. We would definitely make these again – the only tweak we would make is that we would add the “ketchup mixture” to the filling, not just on top. But a very yummy dish!

And for the Memorial Day weekend/Grandpa’s birthday picnic at Mom’s house, I made this heaven-in-a-bowl dip. I thought it was divine! To my surprise, there aren’t many artichoke lovers in my family so most of it came back with me – which just means more for me! I didn’t take any pictures of my final product, but the picture in the recipe post is very similar to what mine ended up looking like. Yuuuuummmm.

By the way, if it’s not obviously yet – my new favorite website for everything, and I mean everything – from really yummy recipes to how to store herbs and the best way (read: easiest) to cut a pineapple, is Simply Recipes. I’m slightly obsessed. I have a list of recipes in my ‘recipe box’ on this site that I’m slowly making my way through and can’t wait to try them all!

OK, now that I’m starving (again) and I’m sure you are too, I’m going to end it here. It’s bedtime! Happy dreaming!


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. I am so impressed!! Especially the scones! Can you email me one? What was the special recipe you had been craving? It was awfully sweet of him to surprise you with them!

    What was in the stuffed peppers? I love stuffed peppers!

    • The special recipe was the Ginger Scone recipe – I just updated the picture of the scones to decipher the chocolate chip ones from the ginger ones.

      The link to the stuffed peppers is under the picture – but it was ground beef, rice, spices, tomatoes and I think that’s it. We said that next time we would put the “ketchupy sauce” in the meat mixture to add more flavor, or perhaps make the filling the night before so all the flavors can marry and have lovely little flavor babies. Also, we might add sausage (you know how Nick loves his sausage! {{{get your mind out of the gutter!}}}) and some other veggies, perhaps minced peppers – like the leftovers from the tops of the peppers or scallions or maybe get really crazy and add bits of zucchini!

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