Recap of March

Ah, so now it’s April – the month of showers which brings May flowers! Lots going on this month too: a cousin’s wedding,  lots of birthdays (b-i-l Chris, friends Sarah, Melissa & April), a trip to the children’s consignment convention and lots of yard work.

But I need to get back to all the fun things we did in March. The kitty-sitting went well – well, for us it did. I don’t know if Hank and Harriet would agree, but Will loved them (maybe a little too much).

The weekend away for my birthday was the highlight of March! We went to Cape May, NJ – one of my all-time favorite places to be. I don’t care that it’s March, that it’s pretty much a ghost town or that it’s so cold, between the crappy March weather and dealing with coastal winds, that you can only bear 15 minutes tops outside. It’s the BEACH. And I heart the beach. Anytime. And Cape May is so much more than just a beach town. It’s beautiful. It’s historic. And it’s just lovely. To top it all off, my mom created a whole birthday scavenger hunt-type adventure for us, complete with numbered envelopes and an itinerary as to when to open each of them.

birthday hunt

She booked us in one of the most beautiful places we’ve stayed – The Southern Mansion on Washington Street. It was beyond a beauty to look at, the ambiance of the whole place was amazing, the full breakfast was delicious, and the history of the house was fascinating. To add to all of that awesome-ness, the owner also has a winery in Cape May and our stay included a tour and tasting. Bonus!

outside mansion

The weather that weekend was perfect, it was cold and windy – it was March after all – but, it was supposed to rain Friday and Saturday and it didn’t, so that was a definite plus.

Nick and I soaked up the alone time and all the little luxuries the place had to offer. It was a fabulous weekend!

living room

photo (3)

photo (4)

Nick was very interested in the old bunker that used to be out in the ocean, but due to recent restoring of the beach, it’s now on land again.


Birthday dinner with my best girls was a splendid-good time. Time with them, but away from hubbies and babies, is ALWAYS a wonderful and most cherished time. We went to the local Iron Hill Brewery, ate good food, had wonderful conversation and really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the four of us, but I did snag a picture of the scene when we returned to my house where the hubbies were watching the children. We were all shocked. Four husbands sitting in the living room with beers and CHILD-LESS! All the children were fast-asleep in their pack & plays. It was bliss!



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