March on!

It’s March!

The month of spring! The month of Easter! The month of snowstorms (usually). And, most exciting and important of them all, the month of my birth!

We have lots going on this month and hopefully, as I make yet another “commitment” to nurture and love this blog, I will be blogging about all of them. We have kitten-sitting, my beloved Aunt Ella’s memorial service, an Erin Express-style bachelorette party, my mom’s birthday, my birthday, our weekend away for my birthday, our niece Evie’s birthday, the impending arrival of Evie’s little brother, Good Friday BBQ and of course Easter. Phew. That’s a lot of stuff. I’m exhausted just typing this. But it is a blessing to be this busy and have so many things going on. I’m grateful for all of them – and am ready to take them all on – starting with kitten-sitting tomorrow.

Hank and Harriet, our feline niece and nephew (father is brother, Jamison), are home alone this weekend while their father goes gallivanting around Upstate NY on the back of a snow mobile with friends. So we’re checking in, giving some love and will anxiously watch as Will interacts with kitties much smaller than his “Owwiiiiiwwwerr & Odohhh” (that’s “Oliver & Opie” for us non-baby speaking people), praying that he doesn’t do permanent psychological damage to the furry babies.  It should be fun.

I would have to say that the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the weekend away for my birthday. This trip is sans William. Although I know we will both miss his little snuggle bug face dearly, it is something both Nick and I really need. I think the last time we spent a weekend together, alone, was for my birthday when I was pregnant with Will. That was two years ago. It’s time.

The location of this weekend away is still yet a mystery to me, as my mom is keeping it a secret from me (it’s a present from her – but she gave Nick the details since he’s the one driving). I don’t care where it is, as long as I get to sleep in, can pee/make myself something to eat without be tugged on and only have to dress one person for more than a day, I’m happy. Ahh, the little things…



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