William’s First Flight

William’s first flight was a success! In the sense that Nick and I made it through in one piece, that is…

Before I get into the crazy, long post that is coming, I’d like to state some facts:

Flying/traveling with a baby is HARD. Doing so with almost no sleep is CRAZY HARD. A white Christmas is much more magical than a wet one. The Spillanes rock. I miss my mom. My husband is on track to get the Husband of the Year award and it’s not even January yet. My kid is amazing. Being sick on vacation sucks. Being sick on vacation at Christmas is worse. Being with these awesome people that I get to call my family makes it much better. I love Christmas. And England. A lot. But not nearly as much as my awesome husband and wonderful son.

OK, I’m done with that.

Flight was on time, flight attendants were friendly enough and although there wasn’t a vacant seat to be had, the flight itself wasn’t quite bad. William was great too. After the initial excitement of a new adventure, he was ready to sleep, which is what we’d been banking on since booking the tickets 6 weeks ago. However, USAir took their sweet time turning the cabin lights off which made bedtime a little challenging, not to mention Will would be calling our lumpy, boney laps bed and not his cozy, warm and flat crib.

In the end, the lights didn’t go dim until after 1130 pm – 3.5 hours after Will’s normal bedtime. I’d say he got a total of 4 hours to his normal 11-12. Nick and I probably got 1-2 hours each. Actually, let’s be honest, think I got a total of 30 minutes since my stomach was playing up on me every time we hit the tiniest bit of turbulence – and this was a smooth flight. I popped half of an anxiety pill about 3 hours in, but it wasn’t enough. Next time, I’m going all in and just taking a whole one.

When we finally had our feet on the ground on Christmas Eve, we were greeted with a very warm welcome by Granddad!

After arriving at Aireville Ave, William took some time to adjust. To be fair, he didn’t feel well, had less than half a night’s sleep on the makeshift bed of his parents’ laps and was being oohed and aahed at by a bunch of people he doesn’t see often. I thought he’d be adjusted by that evening but it took him until about dinner time on Christmas Day. This child was all over me like white on rice! I felt so bad for everyone who had been dying to see and snuggle him. I felt especially bad for Kath, as I know she was counting the days until we arrived and then Will wanted nothing to do with anyone but me and sometimes Nick.

During opening of presents, he wouldn’t leave my lap. Wherever I went, he was sure to be. Fortunately, that night, he finally warmed up. And there was less of this…
And more of this…

Then I started feeling awful, as in sick. Flying did it to me again – blocked nose, sore throat, coughing, just feeling like total crap really. And I even took Airborne before we boarded.

So William has finally warmed up! But now he’s got his days and nights reversed! When we went to bed at 1130 pm (I was very ill and Nick was definitely intoxicated), he woke up and thought it was time to get up and play…So Nick took one for the team and played with him…until 3 am!

By the lovely grace of God, Will and I slept until 11 am today.

Today was awesome! Nick got to go see Bradford City play a winning game on Boxing Day with his dad and brother and Will and I got to bar hop with Damo & Nicky and Pete & Abbey. It’s such an amazing feeling to catch up with our friends over here and especially now that almost all have had children since our last visit two years ago – seeing adorable babies is a definite bonus!

Even though the Spillanes have done a fine job of keeping me filled with hot toddies and cold medicine, I came to bed at 930 since I feel worse than yesterday, when, again, the little man woke. He thought it was time to play. Of course! But Nick took another one for the team (crap, I’m really going to owe him a lot after this trip and we’re only on day 3!) and brought him downstairs so I could rest. (Really love him!) Although I am technically resting, I thought I’d take this opportunity to document our trip so far (and also listen to the new Mumford & Sons album I got from Nick’s parents yesterday!). So here I am, in bed, sick, and on my iPhone when I should be sleeping. On that note, here are some pics from the last few days and I’m off to sleep.








IMG_0854 IMG_0847 IMG_0845 IMG_0841









2 thoughts on “William’s First Flight

  1. I love William’s Christmas sweater! How adorable. Glad he’s beginning to adjust and that you’re all having a good time.

    It may not have been the flight that got you sick because the baby and I are sick, too, and so are Melissa and Sadie. Anthony and I both went to the doctor yesterday and it’s “just” a cold. Ugh.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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