To Teeth or Not to Teeth

Our little boy is changing before our eyes and will celebrate his 4 month birthday in less than a week. He’s really filling out and getting so much cuter – not that he wasn’t cute before, but he’s really starting to look so much more…human and like a little boy! To that respect, come some not-so-fun changes, i.e. teething.

We had a few rough, out-of-the-norm-for-William nights and thought maybe teething or an ear infection was the culprit. All the signs of both were there: tugging on his cute little ears, drooling like a bulldog, chewing on everything that’s not nailed down and not going right back to sleep in the middle of the night after his 30-minute feeding session. His cries seemed to change too – to more painful sounding instead of just ‘I’m hungry, Mom. Feed me!’ or ‘I’m wet! Change me!’ cries.

So, off to the doc he went with Daddy. Turns out the little man is healthy as can be. Yep! Nothing wrong with him. I don’t want to say that I was disappointed that my child wasn’t sick, but at least it would’ve expained the change in behavior and fussiness! The pediatrician said he probably just had a few ‘off’ nights. Yeah. Us too! Grrrr. Anyhow, as Murphy’s Law would have it, that night he slept 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours. Don’t worry, that didn’t last. Last night he was up at 2:30 and it took every minute of an hour and about 100 trips back and forth from our room to his to replace the binky he kept pulling out of his mouth (William, please learn how to put it back in if you’re going to keep pulling it out!) to get him back down.

Keeping in with the theme of  ‘changes’ – I learned a fairly big and important Megan-post-baby lesson last night/this morning. Drinking wine with a girlfriend, staying out past 11pm and hitting the pillow after midnight makes me feel like the morning after that unforgettable night in highschool when I drank way too much Zima and expected to function at work that afternoon. Not. Good. I’ve had a raging headache since the moment I woke up, despite the 28+ ounces of coffee I guzzled before noon and I feel as though it’s been days since I slept. Dumb move. I suppose I deserve it though. Guess who’ll be thinking twice before they do that again?

Here’s the little man before his doc appointment when we thought he was crying himself to sleep because he didn’t feel well. 

We should’ve known when he woke up looking like this that he was fine…Ahh, but how can you not just melt when you see this adorable little face?


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