Time flies

Time sure does fly when you’re working and being a mom! William is changing literally every day. Last week he was all smiles and this week he’s actually giggling. Last week he also started grunting. And then 2 days ago, he started tugging on his ears. Yesterday, he realized he has feet and now tries to put them in his mouth every time he’s on his back. Amazing.

It is so fantastic experiencing everything all over again through the life of your child. A couple times this past weekend, I honestly did nothing but stared my baby boy in the eyes and cooed back and forth with him. It was better than any movie I’ve ever seen, better than any pair of shoes I ever bought and better than any piece of cake I’ve ever eaten. Man, do I love that child. I just well up with all this love and happiness whenever I’m with him and we’re in our own little world.

He’ll be four months in a little over a week and I can’t believe it. I guess I better get better at documenting now, before I know it, he’ll be 1!


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