Holidays, New Years and Surprises

OMG. I started writing this entry like a week ago and am only getting to finish it now…I’ve gotten so bad at updating, but it’s hard during the day, especially since, surprisingly, I’m not perusing the internet all day and there’s this cute, little person I have to tend to 24 hours a day. Anyway, enough excuses, here is the post.

Ahhh, the Christmas season is finally over – I don’t mean ‘finally’ in a negative way, but although I’ve always felt that the weeks, work and money leading up to Christmas far outweighs the length of the actual 1-day celebration, this year, it seemed to last longer than previous years. Perhaps because this year, we had a little extra something in our celebration: being parents and having a little one to share the magic of the season with. As wonderful as it was, and it was wonderful, I’m happy to be getting ‘back to normal’ just before I have to go back to work. Yep, back to work. The inevitable has finally arrived – January. And so, I shall return to work as a full-time working mom.

This is going to be a challenge. I could barely get just me out of the house before, now I have a little one to get ready too. I can do it. I can do it. I will do it. And so I’ve been preparing for what that’s going to be like – trying to get up earlier and earlier and not laying in my bed in a sea of blankets, sheets and pillows snuggled up to my little sweet-pea like I have been these past few, wondrous weeks. I also make sure to get showered and dressed in ‘real’ clothes every day too – even if I have nowhere to go. It helps me get more motivated. Wish me luck.

Christmas was so much more special and magical this year knowing we had a little one to celebrate with and to show what this wonderful holiday is all about. Although he’s a little too young to really understand what it is, it was a blast opening presents for him and showing him all his fabulous gifts that Santa brought him. And then when we got to Grammy’s, the presents piled up even more! This kid is going to be so spoiled and he’s going to get used to this. Crap. Everything about this Christmas was really great. We spent the whole day at my mom’s after opening and eating breakfast in our little abode. The food at mom’s was really good – we didn’t have a turkey like we usually do (although Mom kept telling me we don’t always have a turkey. I seem to recall differently…) but we had an abundance and mishmash of all kinds of other things and it was just really good. And the company was fabulous.

A few days before Christmas, on Nick’s birthday, Nick and I got to go out to a really nice dinner at the William Penn Inn and enjoy some fantastic food and a tasty bottle of wine kid-free. Grammy took him to the mall to finish up some last-minute holiday shopping and everyone was happy. Nick thought that was the last of his pile of 30 gifts, but ahhhh, he was wrong…

On New Year’s Eve, I whisked him out of the house to do some grocery shopping for stuff we ‘needed’ while my mom crept into our house and arranged food, candy and goodies in our dining room, complete with a birthday cake and ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ balloons. Everyone else arrived while we were out and about, except Nick was rushing me along so the Copi walked in right behind us and closely behind them were the Messingers. It didn’t matter though, my mom, Sarah and Jamie were there to yell “SURPRISE”! and scare the you-know-what out of him. It was spectacular.

The evening turned out to be really great and memorable. There was more food than we needed, the company was great and Nick was really happy and utterly stunned that I pulled something as top-secret as a surprise 30th party for him. We also got to meet the newest addition to the Messinger family, little Harper. She was such a trooper – at a mere 12 days old, she made it to midnight. That kid totally rocks! She even beat out her new friend, William, who hit the baby hay at 9ish.

It was easily one of my all-time favorite New Year’s Eves.

Nick and Will on Nick’s birthday with his ’30 presents’.


Christmas hats!

Posed family pictures.


A visit from the Shafer family gave William and Sadie another chance to get to know each other and the mommies a chance to catch up in person.

Will decided he finally wanted to smile long enough for us to not only get the camera and turn it to the right setting, but to capture a bunch of adorably cute shots too. God, I just want to eat that kid – he’s so cute!! And Mom, don’t you think he totally looks like me in the below picture?

New Year’s/Nick’s surprise party.

On our way to get Daddy out of the house so Grammy and Aunt Sarah can sneak in and get set up!

The Messingers with baby Harper!

It was a fantastic few weeks and there were even more events and fun things that we did, but seeing as this post took me over a week and 30+ pictures to complete, those I’ll save for another day. Happy holidays and 2012!!


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