First Real Outing

Today I managed to have my first REAL outing with William all on my own! And in my own car too. The questionable factors that existed were a) will the car seat base fit? b) will the car seat fit? c) will I be able to get the car seat in and out of the car? Well readers, the answer to all three is a big, fat, triumphant YES!

I got everything I needed for our outing ready and put by the front door, then I headed into this beautiful December afternoon and out to my sad, neglected car sitting in front of our house and installed the base. And it only took me a mere 5 minutes. Success! Then Will and I got all bundled up and headed first to CVS to print some pictures for dear Granny Prisk in Florida and then to the post office to ship her package. Getting him and the car seat out of my little, dinky, 10+ year old Civic wasn’t the easiest and most graceful thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t as hard as I had expected either. And I’m so much more comfortable driving my own car as opposed to Nick’s. I think I see many more (well, only until my car is replaced with a newer, shinier, safer version of itself) just Mommy and Will outings in my future!

Look how cute my little buddy was!

Look at that adorable face!

And then Oliver thought it was his turn to go for a ride. That cat – he never ceases to amaze me…



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