He’s here!

William John Spillane arrived after a long and eventful (or uneventful, I should say) labor and delivery. He weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds, 15 ounces and a lengthy 22 inches long! And he’s perfect! From his ashy brown, straight head of hair, blue-gray eyes, long, skinny legs and his giant feet- he’s just perfect. And we’re beyond happy, although sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated and slightly dirty (showers are a luxury at this point)- we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I also realize that I’m writing this 13 days after Will’s birth – although I’m home and this child is a marathon sleeper, they’re right when they say, you don’t have time for things you did before baby arrived. Any downtime I do have, I find myself tidying the living room, eating or catching a quick cat nap myself while he sleeps.


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