Happy Harvesting

This weekend has been lovely to say the least! Just the weather alone has been enough to put me in a fantastic mood.

On top of that, we’ve seen some great friends and family and Nick and I have spent some really nice quality time together – and it’s only Sunday afternoon! This morning we went to church, got coffee at Dunkin Donuts, made breakfast and then installed the car seat. Now we’re really ready for Baby Spillane!

Tonight, Jamie’s coming over to test the beer him and Nick have been brewing and to eat some home-made wings and fries. Later on, I’ll happily engross myself with new episodes of Dexter and Homeland and then hope I go into labor in the middle of the night so I can have this baby on the day my mom predicted, October 17.

Speaking of having the baby, today I’m 39 weeks. Holy moly!  And if I thought at 35 weeks I couldn’t get any bigger – well, I was wrong. So a week from today is when our little pumpkin is due, of course, we would happily welcome his/her arrival anytime between right-this-very-second and as-soon-as-freakin-possible! Only time (and Baby Spillane) will tell though. I’ve been a tad bit crampy, very uncomfortable and extremely impatient with waiting for this child, so hopefully the end is near.


Friday night we joined the Shafers and the Messingers for what I was hoping would be “the Last Supper”, but even though it turned out not to be, it was still a great time. McCoole’s in Quakertown is a cute, qauint, English-style restaurant with yummy food and a great atmosphere. I definitely can’t wait to go back post-baby and enjoy some adult beverages.

Saturday, Nick I went adventuring to a couple of farms in the area looking for pumpkins, fall squash and all things seasonal that I just love this time of year. The weather was perfect fall weather: sunny, breezy, crisp and cool. And we found some really great things: pumpkin butter, two kinds of squash I’ve never had before (carnival and buttercup), some home-made apple bread, gords, locally grown apples and venison summer sausage. Oh and I can’t forget the fabulous sign that we just had to buy because we both read it and couldn’t stop laughing.

Nick wasn’t that impressed with the gords.

Later that afternoon, our wonderful, outlet-loving friends, Steve and Erin stopped by. After a cup of coffee and some fall-ish snacks, we headed down to Bridge Street to scope out some antique stores for Erin and then grab some food. We ate at the Columbia Grille which was quite yummy! I indulged in a fabulous glass of Cabernet and sampled some of Nick’s Blue Moon pumpkin beer. Mmmmm.

Around 7:30, Mom, Aunt Patty and Alex came by to have some tea, snacks and to see the house (Aunt Patty & Alex, not Mom). It was really nice visiting with them and were able to catch up for about 2 hours or so.

Nick and I wrapped up the evening with some leftovers and Horrible Bosses, which was, er, horrible.

But I’m looking forward to the rest of the evening and hopefully not making it to work tomorrow *wink*.


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