Motherhood preparations

So I’m reading this on and go down to the comments, as I usually do, and come across this one. I laughed out loud and definitely had a little snort – the bolded response back from blogger Betsy is EXACTLY what happens to me when I do yoga but with my CATS! I can’t do a warrior 1 or plank position for .005 seconds before Opie is underneath me stretching his body and his claws out on my yoga mat like he’s just hit the mother-load with the most comfortable place in the house to lounge! Or Oliver jumping on my back thinking it’s time for Romper Room Opie and Oliver style with Mommy! It’s a bit of a nightmare… I knew these cats were preparing me for motherhood!!!

JW says:

I had just finished my yoga teacher certification 1 month before I got pregnant so I was used to doing an hour or more of intense yoga everyday. So with the blessing of my OB I continued my yoga practice throughout my pregnancy and it was such a huge help. I had to cut back a bit toward the end and take out poses like inversions that may have caused harm to me or the baby. But my practice really helped with labor and delivery and the strains of being a new mom. But because I had done it well before I was pregnant my OB said It was no problem to keep going so long as I was careful. I actually started yoga with my DD just a couple weeks after she was born too. At a year old she loves her some down dog and momma yoga time! I also did a 5k at 36 weeks or so. I walked most of it but I felt good! My hubby and I walked regularly with our dogs while I was pregnant so we were pretty well trained for the 5k. Proud to say we did it again this year with the baby in tow.  I actually really liked being active while pregnant. Just made me feel better to get up and move a little. Running a Marathon? Probably not for me, but good for that momma!

I enjoy yoga but it only made me feel more nauseous when pregnant. Now, when I try to do yoga, I usually end up with a child on my back or around my neck, or underneath me trying to make me laugh.


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