38 weeks, 1 day

We are still here. Still pregnant. Still working. Still carrying on. It’s OK though, my due date is still 13 days away. I was 25 days late, my brother was 3 weeks late, my mom and her 3 sisters were all late – what makes me think that I’ll be early? And anyway, the more time this baby takes to come out, (yes, the bigger it gets, but I’m trying not to think about that part) the more time Nick and I get together as just a couple and not yet a family of 3.

We hired the doula, Christina, and had our first prenatal visit with her last night. It went really well. She’s super nice and informative and I feel really relaxed and comfortable around her. She gave us a bunch of massage techniques to get me through labor and contractions and gave us a better idea of our options once we get to the hospital. She also gave me pointers on what I will and won’t need in my hospital bag, so I repacked that last night.

Something else she told us was that most first-time moms, statistically, go late, about a week late, so thinking this baby is coming before October 23rd, isn’t exactly realistic. It’s OK. At least I know I’ll have a baby in less than 4 weeks since they won’t let me go more than a week to 10 days past my due date.

So until that day, we wait. And clean. And hang out. And rest. And eat out. And go to the movies. And go for walks. And just enjoy these last few baby-free days/weeks.

I have a doctor’s appointment today, which I’ll update on here afterwards and then Nick and I are going to do something us-related. He was away at a tournament all weekend so I think we got to spend a total of about 10 hours together since Friday night. Tonight we’re either going to go see a movie, go out to eat or take a walk around our neighborhood. Or possibly all 3!

Oh and the shades for the baby’s room came Saturday morning, so Mom hung them for me Saturday night – and they look fabulous! I’ll take a picture and post when I can.

Yesterday Gram and Grandpa came over with my mom for a nice Sunday afternoon turkey dinner, with gravy, mashed potatoes, Gram’s famous sweet potatoes and sides – the only thing I was missing (whoops!) was biscuits. But we had blueberry pie with cool whip and ice cream and chocolate chip cookies to make up for them. It was yummy!

After we ate, we headed out to the garden to pull out weeds, dead veggie plants and pick any remaining veggies that can be used. I feel really good about how the garden looks now and that it’s ready for the first frost and the winter and won’t be a gigantic mess to clean up in the Spring. Thanks Mom and Grandmpa for all your help!

It was a really nice, relaxing Sunday, completed with a visit from our doula and Dexter with Nick.


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