My favorite room in the house

The Nursery!

I absolutely, completely and totally adore this perfect room we’ve created for little Jepeto. I love it so much that I find myself making excuses just to go in there, sit in the rocking chair, organize, make perfect and just admire what Nick and I have created for our anticipated little addition to our family.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to start using it – although I’m sure it’ll never look as good again as it does now. The only things left to do are to hang the framed prayer that I got from one of the women at work (it’s going to go above the one end of the crib). And I ordered room-darkening, white, scalloped bottom shades earlier this week that should come by next week that will have to be hung. Other than that, everything’s been washed, painted, re-done and readied for Baby Spillane. Now we just need, well, Baby Spillane.



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