Update, finally!

Well, I have been quite the sucky blogger lately, haven’t I?! So much going on and so much to tell and I haven’t written anything down. But it’s my new goal to just document things happening and not worry about how “great” the post will be or not – this was wonderful advice from my dear friend, Sarah. So, thank you!

I had my 37-week check-up yesterday and nothing much is happening in terms of forecasting when labor is coming. No dilation. No effacement. No predictions as to when Jepeto is going to make his/her debut. Although I was told that the baby’s measuring “in the high 7’s”. Yes, she said the high sevens! Already! If I go to my due date, we’re looking at a 9-pound baby. My Lord! If I go beyond that…well, I don’t really want to think about that… Come on, Baby Spillane! Mommy and Daddy want to meet you sooner than later!

I can’t remember if I mentioned this previously or not, so I will mention it again. Because of the spinal fusion surgery I had when I was 18 years old, getting an epidural is not an option for me. Initially I approached labor as “I’m not a hero, so I’m not going to try to be one” meaning, YES, OF COURSE I’M GETTING AN EPIDURAL, WHY WOULDN’T I? Then I started to think that I would try to go natural and only get the epidural if I absolutely needed it. Well, after meeting with the anesthesiologist a few weeks ago, I was informed it’s not even an option because there’s nowhere to insert the needle and catheter between my vertebrae due to the rod and fused bone that’s in place.

Ugh. So I’m pretty scared. I know labor hurts. I know it can be long. And I already know I’m having a “larger than average” baby. I also know I can do it, but of course, I have no idea what to expect. So we interviewed a doula to help us both get through labor and to add some security to our experience. We’re still mulling it over and will hopefully make a decision soon. Although I’m not convinced this baby is coming before October 23rd, time is of the essence and no one knows when D-Day will actually come.


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