Showers everywhere!

September 11th was my dear co-preggo friend, Melissa’s baby shower and it was really great. She got tons of stuff, was really happy and we got to make Baby Shafer adorable, one-of-a-kind Onesies.

The next day at work, September 12, I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful work shower! The ladies I work with went above and beyond anything I ever expected: decorations, presents, hand-made favors, food, beautiful prayers & a specially-made corsage, just for me & Baby Spillane! I was truly overwhelmed and feeling blessed and loved and so lucky.

September 25 was my family/friends baby shower, which was again, a very wonderful, memorable, happy and blessed day! It was hosted by my mom and grandmother at my mom’s house. My mom is seriously, one of the best party-throwers I know. She put so much time, effort and love into that day and it shone through unbelievably. The food. The favors. The decorations. The food. The snacks. THE FOOD! It was amazing and I am utterly grateful for every ounce of effort and second of time she spent on making that day as wonderful as it was. Thank you, Mom. I love you!

I have over 500 pictures from that day (thank you to my cousin, Alex for taking TONS of pictures and to Sarah, for following me around everywhere I went with her camera, making sure to document every minute of that special day.) but I need to weed through them and then post the ones that give the best picture of that fabulous day. Again, Baby Spillane, Nick and I were blessed with so many wonderful gifts, love and well wishes! We are so lucky to have every single one of the people in our lives that are there for us and already love this baby so much.


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