3rd Trimester – The Attractive Trimester

Swelling, stretch marks, waddling with every step and getting bigger than you ever thought possible – yep, all lovely side-effects of the third trimester. (I actually don’t have any stretch marks – yet.) Or, I should say, the last month of pregnancy. The beginning of the trimester was fine and exciting actually because I knew I was finally in the “home stretch”. Now it’s just gross and uncomfortable.

Swelling hands and fingers are NOT pretty. Wedding band and engagement ring retired to my jewelry box weeks ago. My watch – last week. That was a sad day. I hate not knowing what time it is.

Swollen ankles are even worse. And this was while I was still at work. You should see what they look like right before bed! Sneakers, flip-flops and uggs have become my only source of foot apparel to wear out of the house. Thank God my work understands.

Where are my foot bones?! Even flip-flops leave marks on my poor piggies…

Not to mention that I have carpal tunnel in both of my hands/arms. It’s the worst on my right side and my fingers. When it started a few weeks ago, it was mostly at night. It was so painful that it’d wake me up and I’d whine and cry that it felt like my fingers were being ripped off. Not pleasant at all. So I’d roll over and hang my right hand off the bed to get the blood flowing into my fingers again. It worked. Temporarily. Because then it got worse. Soon enough, my whole arm would feel like it was being ripped off. And then it spread to my left side too. Now, at 37 weeks and 4 days, my right hand/fingers stay numb throughout the whole day. Fun times. Last night I attempted to add a post and literally couldn’t because my fingers were so numb and I couldn’t get them to do what I wanted them to. Scary. I also have the joyous side-effect of the aching back pain again. And sleeping at night and sometimes just sitting on the couch is painful because my arms just fall asleep. Shaking them out and massaging them doesn’t do much.

But it’ll be so worth it. At least I can say that in less than a month (if I go past my due date, they’ll only let me go about a week or 10 days), I’ll have a baby to hold and coo over!

And just because I don’t want to make this post all negative, here are a few of the pleasant side-effects of the third trimester: 1. beautiful skin. I haven’t had to wear cover-up or foundation for months for the first time in years and it’s been wonderful! 2. Getting to spend 24 hours a day with my baby and feeling him/her move around like a little monkey in my belly. The feeling is inexplicable and amazing. I will definitely miss that. 3. Wonderful comments from friends, family, strangers and passers-by regarding becoming a parent and bringing a baby into the world. I will miss that too. 4. The ability to lounge around as much as possible because at this point it’s best I stay off my feet as much as possible and quite frankly, doing anything physical at this point is not only difficult, but quite humorous. 5. Knowing I’m only a few weeks away from meeting this lovely bundle of joy!


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