Capitol-bound with the boys

In August, in an effort to do something productive, patriotic and fun while Chris was visiting from England, Nick, Chris, Jamie and I packed up the car with a Kath Spillane-style bag of snacks, sandwiches and drinks and departed 5th Avenue at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning – headed for the capitol of the United States of America. We made good time and finally found somewhere to park after only a bit of confusion navigating our way around trying to find the non-existent parking garages that the GPS was guiding us to. It ended up being really hot and sticky and then we got caught in the middle of a torrential down pour on our way to the Lincoln Memorial, with only trees to hide under (yes, Mom, I said trees) but we managed to survive and dry off and I got TONS of pictures – I know, shocking. I did way more walking than I ever should have at 31 weeks pregnant, but we saw a lot and had a good time. And I think Chris enjoyed himself too.

I loved this little ducky and had to video when he would go under the water to get food and his little feet and butt would kick around above the water – so cute!

Chris wanted a picture of him looking like he was jumping into the reflection pool – somehow I don’t think it worked – but of course I decided to video this ridiculous act.

Nick loves SpongeBob.

Chris and his new girlfriend.

We happened upon this happy event…

What reflection pool???

Not my and Nick’s best efforts as adults or soon-to-be-parents…

Nick has a monument coming out of his head in one of the previous pictures – whoops! That can’t possibly feel good, Nick!


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