Earthquakes, Hurricanes & Tornadoes, oh my!

Yeah, so seems as though Mother Nature is pissed at the East Coast of America – in the last 3 weeks, we’ve had an earthquake, a hurricane actually touch down on land (first time in 60-something years) and a tornado warning that scared the pants off of us, here on 5th Ave. Oh and it wouldn’t be right of me to not mention all the flooding we’ve had too. Fortunately, our little abode hasn’t been heavily affected by any of the flooding, but it’s still been crazy. Obama officially declared Pennsylvania in a state of emergency today. Crazy.

So here are some pictures of the destruction and preparations/aftermath.

This warming doesn’t list our county (Chester) but it did earlier, I just wasn’t able to get a picture at that time. These messages kept coming across our screen all night.

Nick tied the fan on our deck to two sides of the house so that it wouldn’t blow off or get damaged since they were calling for such high winds.

I moved our bed downstairs because of all the windows in our bedroom and this was the only spot I felt safe sleeping, but that didn’t last long, because then we moved it to the basement – along with our little survival basket, my sneakers and my rain jacket. Nick kept the laptop open and on broadcasting the news all night long – even when we were sleeping.

Because all the streets were flooded, most places were out of power and there was nowhere to go the day after the hurricane hit (and we suffered no damage – thank god!), Nick decided he wanted to use power tools! So we hung some stuff on the walls.

This was an email our office manager sent us the other day.
NEWTOWN TWP., Pa. – September 7, 2011 (WPVI) — Crews are working to fill in a sinkhole that has popped up in Delaware County.

According to Newtown Township police the a sinkhole has been forming in the southbound lanes of Route 252 just south of Route 3 in front of the Newtown Grill restaurant. The manager of the Newtown Grill tells Action News the sinkhole has been growing every minute.



It’s been a crazy couple of weeks – here’s to hoping that the weather normals out soon!


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