A mish-mosh of things

So the cats were going nuts last night – growling and hissing and running amok before we went to bed. We’re still not sure why, but I caught some good pics of fat tails, pissed off faces and hair standing on ends.

Opie, with Oliver following behind him, heading for the window where the “thing” is that we think caused all this ruckus.

Fat tails!

Spikey back hair.

Opie and my belly a couple nights ago.

My belly has officially become my convenient candy shelf.

33 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

I realize I’m going backwards here, but here’s a picture of the 3 out of 4 pregnant former Birds Of War female players.

Here are some pictures of Oliver and his weird ways of ‘relaxing’ – I swear, these pictures are not posed! He’s just a really odd cat, but we love him for it.

And Opie pouncing on Oliver – as usual…

Chris made us one last meal 2 nights before he left – a full roast dinner, complete with brown gravy, Yorkshire puddings and roasted potatoes!
Then Opie decided he liked Acorn Squash and went after the scraps on my plate…

The last night Chris was here, we went out to a really nice dinner at Marley’s down on Bridge Street. It’s a FABULOUS BYOB and the food was out-of-this-world! Oh and Nick acted like a total adult the entire night of course!

Thanks Chris for coming to spend the summer with us! We really enjoyed having you and hope you had a great time too. Hope you come back!


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