Two Months

***I started typing this entry on Tuesday, but due to the earthquake we had while I was typing this (yes, I said earthquake!), I obviously got distracted and never posted this. So, here it is. Three days late, but better late than never.

My due date is two months from today (10/23). Wow, when did that happen? I feel like it’s flown – only TWO MORE MONTHS?! And I bet it will fly from now until our little bundle of joy arrives.

Some fun new things that are/aren’t happening as we get bigger and continue to grow:

  • Bending over is not only uncomfortable anymore, but it’s a chore and sometimes painful;
  • Same goes for picking up anything that falls to the floor. At this point, if it falls, it stays there;
  • A good night’s sleep – what is  that?!
  • The elevator in my office has now become my new best friend – even though I only work on the 2nd floor. Go ahead, judge away;
  • Panting and being out of breath is a daily occurrence brought on by simple acts such as walking up one flight of stairs, walking to my car, walking into my office, walking from the car to the front door of my house, getting ready in the morning;
  • Waddling has fully set in;
  • My boobs and belly have become a catch-all for anything that happens to miss my mouth on the way into it, generously exposing to the world my meal choices for breakfast, breakfast 2, snack 1, snack 2, lunch, snack 3, snack 4, dinner, snack 5, etc.;
  • Jepeto and I are bonding more than ever now – with all the movements and flips and hiccups that occur on a daily basis. I swear I spend at least 50% of my day oohing and ahhing, wondering and asking my belly/the baby “what’s going on in there?” as my belly changes complete shape based on what little Jepeto is doing at the moment;
  • I will never get bored with this feeling (above);
  • Going to the bathroom is becoming more challenging – specifically reaching around a bigger belly to reach certain “other” parts (sorry if that’s TMI);
  • I officially can’t put on and tie my own sneakers without feeling like I’m giving my baby brain damage by squashing his/her head when I try to reach down that far. Particularly on Monday, Nick had to put my shoes on for me and tie them. I got to work and they were untied – luckily Missy came to my rescue and tied them for me. They’ve stayed loosely tied since then so going forward all I have to do is slip them on;
  • Heartburn/indigestion makes a daily appearance, sometimes several times in a day;
  • People either look at me with that happy “aw, she’s having a baby!” face or the “what is that?!” face…Guess which ones throws me into a state of self-pity;
  • Almost daily someone says to me, “I just can’t believe how big you are! Are you sure there’s not two in there? You still have how many weeks yet to go?” I want to kill them;
  • Forgetfulness and clumsiness are in full operation and getting worse;
  • I’m getting more and more anxious to meet this little person who jabs me throughout the day!

The thought of having a little person to take care of, feed, change, stare at and drool over in about two months, is almost more than I can comprehend. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited for anything in my entire life. This is utterly and amazingly awesome. And I am just so grateful that I get to experience such a wonderful thing as bringing a child into this world! says I only have 58 days left!


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