People have been asking and asking (and asking and asking) me to see pictures of our fabulous and abundant garden that we were so fortunate to receive with the purchase of our little happy house. So finally, last Friday, I went outside into it before work, picked a bunch of stuff that was ripe and went as crazy as I could with my camera.

Just to clarify, the veggies/fruits we have are: tomatoes (lots of tomatoes), pole beans, onions galore, leeks, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, a small pepper plant, a small hot pepper plant, cucumbers, Swiss chard, rhubarb, rosemary, a strawberry patch (the plants in the square box in the middle of the garden), french apples, concord grapes (over the swing), blueberries (out front) and raspberries (at the end of the driveway).

I love my garden! And it’s a good thing I’m taking pictures now, because chances are pretty good that it won’t look this lovely next year – ya know, with me and Nick being first-time gardeners and all.

The yummy veggies!


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