Monday, Monday

Today I came home to an empty house, but a very nicely cleaned house (thank you, Chris!). So I decided to take some pictures that I’ve been meaning to take. Here are some of the dining room and living room – all pretty, cleaned and clutter-free.

Eventually both of these rooms will be painted more fun colors than the bland cream and dark cream they currently are, but there’s plenty of time for that.

Shortly after I got home (actually, while I was taking these pictures, which is the reason why they stop with these two rooms…), Chris walked in from picking some things up from Acme for the roast he’s making for dinner tonight. One of the things he got – a present for me – some wine! But not any wine, this wine:

Alcohol Removed wine. Thanks Chris!!! I have yet to try it – per his advice, I’m letting it air out and come to room temperature – probably best to do anything to make it taste its best since it might not taste that great anyway. Shhh, we won’t tell him, even if it tastes like poo. It was a very sweet thing to do and I definitely appreciate it!

Speaking of Chris, he’s only got a few days left with us this summer. His flight is early Friday morning, so hopefully Nick and I can do our best to make his last few nights here exciting and memorable. Thursday night we’re going to go out for a nice dinner at a place down on Bridge Street called the Black Lab Bistro, which I’ve heard wonderful things about. I will try to take as many pictures as possible whilst eating dinner and reminiscing about the last two months we’ve had him as our guest.

As I was uploading some pics tonight, I came across one that I had taken shortly after Chris arrived here in the U.S. that I don’t think I posted yet. The reason I took this picture was to show (and remember) how much Opie took a liking to Chris (and Chris to Opie!) only days after they met. Their affectionate relationship has only continued to grow over the last 8 weeks and I know each of them will miss the other dearly when Chris heads back to the U.K. In fact, Chris actually said to me one day, “Ya know, I would actually take Opie back with me. He’s a pretty cool cat.” I kid you not. And no, I didn’t pay him to say that. Opie is a pretty cool cat, crazy as he is, but so is Chris, crazy as he is too. Just kidding, Chris. It’s been great. I hope you had a good time while you were here and that you come back and visit again in the future! Wait, I think I’m getting ahead of myself though – he still has 5 more days here! So I will save the rest of my “take care, good luck” speech for this weekend.

Finally, here’s the picture. Well, now that I’m looking at this picture again, it seems that Opie’s got kind of an annoyed look across his face – I think he just did that because he knew I was taking a picture. Honestly, if you could hear inside this picture, he was purring away like the little happy cat he was on Chris’s lap.


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