31, 31, 4.12

31 years old, 31 weeks along, 4 pounds, 12 ounces.

I’m going to make this a quick one. I had another ultrasound this morning to take a peek at Baby Jepeto’s size. And here’s how it went:

He/she is 4lbs 12 oz. This is NOT a joke! Baby Center sent me my 31-week email yesterday and said the baby should be about 3.3lbs at this point. My child is a pound and a half bigger than that already! Lord help my lady parts…But the doc didn’t seem too concerned. Of course not, he’s not the one who has to push it out! ::sigh::

He did say, though, that everything looks good and it’ll definitely be a healthy baby – which is the most important thing.

Baby Jepeto is also sportin’ some hair! (That explains all the indigestion I’ve had recently…) And he gave me a picture of the little hair sproutlings. How cute?!

View of the top of baby’s head – see hairs in box.

A view of the profile at 31 weeks with hands in front of his/her face.

I also want to add a pic of my 31-week belly. Holy moly. Someone should’ve told me how huge I look in this dress. Never wearing it again…


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