Is that a foot? Or a butt?

Lately, at any moment, I’m able to touch my belly, with slight pressure, and feel what could be either a foot or a butt. My belly gets really hard and tender in the spot that either one of those body parts is poking, and although it kinda hurts a little (gosh, how am I going to deal with labor?!), it’s so cool! I am totally and utterly enthralled with the movements of this child inside of me. I feel like all I do anymore is touch and rub my belly and when I do; either the baby moves or is in the middle of performing some kind of acrobatic move and I get to feel it all. I just keep envisioning this little person pushing back at me and flipping and squirming all over the place. Gosh, I can’t wait to meet him/her! Although, I know I’ll definitely miss this amazing feeling once they’re out and in the real world. I don’t know how you couldn’t miss it. I really wish Nick could feel what I feel; it’s seriously the neatest feeling ever. I love it, every single second of it. And so I chose to write this post so that I remember it and to try to savor it.

Technically we’ve got 11 more weeks to go with this pregnancy, which seems really long (I still have almost 3 more months? But I already feel so HUGE!). But it also feels like it’s around the corner. When I go through the events we have coming up or things we need to get done before October 23rd, it seems like it’s all coming too quick. Didn’t I just find out I was pregnant? Has it really been 29 weeks already? Where did the time go?

On that note, another foot (or is that the butt?) is pushing up against my left side again. So I need to free my hands from this keyboard and rest them softly on the spot where my little baby is reaching out to me from within and enjoy yet another prenatal moment. Bliss.

UPDATE: Had another ultrasound today (another one of many) and the baby is in breech position, which is totally fine since delivery is about 11 weeks – give or take – away and he/she has time to move into the correct position. But I mention this because what I thought might be a foot or a butt might actually be (or was) a fist or a head. Silly baby.


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