To my one and only, Nick

Happy anniversary to my Nicky! Today marks 3 years since that fabulous August day when we vowed to have and to hold each other, till death do us part, in front of a little over a hundred of our closest friends and family. That was a fantastic day! It seems so far away, yet, in a funny way, seems just like yesterday. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!

To celebrate, Nick took me out to a lovely dinner at Season’s 52 last night. When we arrived home, the tiki torches and candles on our back deck were lit and a bottle of wine (well, actually, it was Port that we had purchased on our honeymoon), two glasses and a bouquet of flowers were all ready for us to enjoy a romantic glass of wine together. (Nick informed me later that when he went to the bathroom before we left the restaurant, he called Chris and had him set it up for when we got home. How cute?! Thanks Chris!) (And only Nick and I enjoyed the wine together, not Nick, Chris and I. That would’ve been weird!!) After that, off to our bedroom we went – to spend the rest of the night…searching for baby curtains online! We are quite the romantics, aren’t we? It was a really nice, relaxing evening and we always love some yummy food. Nick, thank you. I love you! Can’t imagine going through this life with anyone else but you. And what an exciting time we’ve had in the last few months and are continuing to have with the impending arrival of our first baby. Eeek! Get ready and hold on! Here’s to many, many more years together. Mwah!!


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