Quintuplets! What?

I just have to write this one down: my dream from last night.

I met this guy ‘Sam’ who, I think, at first, was a woman (it’s a dream, of course it doesn’t make sense!). And I sorta think he was a bartender. Anyway, we really got to liking each other (sorry Nick) and I felt very warm and fuzzy with him. He was great. Cute, loving, protective. And, oddly, he was stoked to be ‘with’ a woman about to give birth to quintuplets!! (Yes, I said quints – who knows where that came from!) Even though he wasn’t their father (again, sorry Nick), he was just so happy. And all I kept saying throughout my dream was “there better be at least one boy in there!” I don’t remember how it ended but I definitely woke up and told Nick I dreamt I was having quints. I think his response was “That sounds more like a nightmare!” Haha – no, I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I’m sure he just laughed at me, as he does to most of my bizarre pregnant dreams. Nick, since I’m dreaming about other men (women?), you can continue to laugh at me.


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