New Trimester & Nursery Started!

What a busy, busy weekend. I feel like I have been nonstop since getting home from work on Friday. Now, here it is, 8pm on Sunday and I feel like I’ve barely rested. That could be for a bunch of reasons, but I’m guessing the biggest one is that I entered my third trimester today! Now we’re in the home stretch. 12 weeks to go – technically. My honest feeling is that I’m not going to make it that long – and I’m secretly praying I’m right. 37, 38 or 39 weeks would be great. As I mentioned previously, little, er, big Jepeto is growing like a weed and I just can’t imagine what 12 more weeks of growing in my belly will do to the both of us…

I’m definitely feeling more and more tired, but oddly, I feel myself naturally waking earlier – like 5am and 6am. Groan. The other thing is, I think I really need at least one little cat nap a day, but I haven’t had one of those since about two months ago. Moving can really throw things out of whack! Hopefully now that we’re getting settled in the new house and things are starting to calm down, there will be more down time for me and baby Jepeto, hopefully.

Anyway, the burgeoning belly is below. Picture courtesy of my lovely Nicky and my new lovely back garden.


So not only did we get finally decide on a theme for the nursery this weekend (we went back to our original idea of the Sweet Lambie theme), but we started on it and I think we made a lot of progress – of course I have to give most of the credit to Nick and Chris. After about 4 different sample colors of paint and finally choosing one we could all agree on, they did all the painting and edging, taking on and off of doors, covering the carpet, etc. And they did a great job. The transformation of the room is fabulous. I can’t wait to start decorating it! Oh yeah and Chris spent 3 days last week repainting my old dresser which is becoming the baby’s as well.

As if that wasn’t enough (or an amazingly awesome amount of stuff to get done in one little weekend), we also decided on and ordered a crib today. Thank you to Gram & Grandpa for your gift of a beautiful crib for our impending arrival! To make things even better & a bit more surreal – the crib is shipping from Wilkes-Barre, PA which is only about an hour from here so it will be here next week – and shipping was practically free. Score! I also found the curtains (with the help of my wonderful mom) that I think I want. I’m currently searching for a light colored, babyish throw rug since the carpet doesn’t exactly go with the room, but I am NOT replacing the carpet. It’s actually a pretty nice, in good condition carpet, I’m just not crazy about the color.

Room before (and my dresser before):


Testing out paint colors:

More testing out paint colors:




The cats had to join in the fun of course:


Some video:

Success! The crib sheet we are designing the room around against the newly painted Vanilla Brandy walls and white trim.



Curtains I think I’m going to order in the very near future:












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