Up, down, back and forth…

When people say that you just don’t know what to expect when you become pregnant, they’re not exaggerating. Pregnancy is a wonderful, miraculous and adventurous thing to experience. It’s also extremely emotional, not just because of the influx of hormones taking over your every thought and function, but also because of all the things that can and might occur in those precious ten months of creating life that you’ve never experienced before and might not know that much about.

We had an ultrasound two days ago for growth. At my last check-up appointment, the nurse practitioner measured my belly and said she was concerned that the baby might be really big. Great. So rather than assuming or blowing it off, she sent me for another ultrasound. Yay! We get to see bambino again – oh how wonderful it was at our 20-week scan seeing him/her tumble and flip and how much like a real baby he/she looks like. So naturally, I was excitedly anticipating this next ultrasound (and a sooner due date, to be honest).

To my slight disappointment, this ultrasound was pretty much nothing like the previous one. There were no oohs and ahhs over how the baby has all of its fingers and toes and how well the heart is beating and how adorable the button nose is in his/her profile. No, this ultrasound was mainly filled with, “OK, I’m just measuring and taking a look at your placenta…amniotic fluid…right lower quadrant…left upper quadrant…the baby’s brain…the baby’s bladder…etc.” We barely got a profile shot of our little angel and certainly didn’t get to see him/her swimming about and turning and twisting like the last time.

Once the technician was done, the doctor reviewed my numbers and my scans – here’s where it gets even less fun. Apparently I have lots of amniotic fluid – as in too much. Which could mean that I have Gestational Diabetes (something a number of pregnant women experience  & who end up delivering healthy babies in the end), that I’m at the top of my amniotic fluid retention or that there might be an issue with the baby. The bad things about a lot of amniotic fluid are: all the excess room the baby has could cause him/her to get into a funky position instead of the head-down position he/she needs to be in for birth, possibly causing me to have a c-section; my uterus could expand beyond what it’s supposed to and it could cause contractions sending me into early labor; my uterus could expand beyond what it’s supposed to and it could cause my water to break, again sending me into early labor.

Oh yes, and our little Jepeto already weighs in at a hefty 3lbs. when most babies at 27 weeks weigh in at just about 2 lbs. Holy big baby.

UPDATE: I had my glucose test on Tuesday and got the results on Wednesday: I don’t have Gestational Diabetes! Which is wonderful news, but it begs the question: What do I have? Or why do I have excess amniotic fluid?

I have another ultrasound to re-measure my fluids on Wednesday and then I will be seen again 4 weeks after that for another growth ultrasound. The doctors are being proactive and cautious, which I’m grateful for. I’m not the first woman with lots of fluid and a big baby and I certaintly won’t be the last. Since this whole experience didn’t put me in the happiest of moods, I decided to make a collage of my burgening belly over the last few months.

*note – I’m new at this collage thing in Picasa and I can’t quite figure out how to tweek the things I need to tweek when I need to and right now I want to throw Picasa against a wall. So the below will have to do.

20 weeks

21 weeks

24 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks


One thought on “Up, down, back and forth…

  1. I have no idea what’s going on with this post but I can’t, for the life of me, get the pictures to show up the way I want them to! I hope you get the gist of my growing belly and what week I’m documenting…

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