Awesometown 6!

A few weeks ago we attended the 6th year of Awesometown at my wonderful friend, Sarah’s house. Every year for the last 6 years, her and her husband have been throwing this amazing camping weekend in their own backyard from Friday to Sunday, which is filled with great food, lots of tunes and excessive drinking. The last few years it’s been the weekend following the 4th of July holiday. Everyone comes with tents in hand and brings their own beverages, snacks, toiletries, camping chairs and anything else they might need for the weekend. Everyone also signs up to bring either a dessert, side or main dish. Sarah and Anthony provide their house for the pitching of the tents, the creek for the annual duck race, the dye and spray paint for Awesometown shirts, hot dogs, chicken and all kinds of other things. It really is an awesome time – hence the name.

This year was the first year I only went for the day on Saturday – partly because I was just getting back from a week at the shore that day and partly because being six months pregnant and being away from home (a home that we were trying to get packed up to move out of) for more than a week is pretty stressful, even for this girl. So Nick, Chris and I headed up for the day around noon and came home around 10:30 that night. It was a fantastic time, although very different than previous years, for obvious reasons.

One thing I’m definitely looking forward to at next year’s Awesometown is drinking from the ice luge Sarah made this year – it was a big hit and very creative. Go Sarah!


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