It’s Official!

We’re homeowners! Settlement was on Wednesday and I wouldn’t necessarily say it went smoothly but it went and everything turned out good and we are officially homeowers! I still can’t believe it. The house is perfect. The town is perfect. The location is perfect. Everything’s perfect. We are in heaven! Now we just have to get settled.

The move was long and hard and I honestly am indebted to the wonderful family and friends that made it possible for us to make this big move all in one day, in 100+-degree weather, no less. Thank you. THANK YOU! While I did a lot of packing and preparing for the move in the weeks and days leading up to Wednesday (and even a few hours Wednesday morning), the wonderful folks that came and physically moved our belongings out of the apartment and into the truck, then out of the truck and into the house deserve all the credit. Nick and I took an almost 3 hour haitus while we went to settlement and when we came back, 80% of the truck was loaded and we were off to the new house shortly after that. Our friends and family ROCK!

I will take some pictures and post them in the next few days and add more details, but I’m off to leave work for home to get ready for our friends, Matt and Page’s wedding today. And I just spoke with Mom who’s being a lifesaver and watching the house right now while our new cable/internet/phone is being hooked up – so the cable guy is there, hooking everything up and we will be ready to channel and internet surf and make all the calls we want on our new house phone within the hour. Lots of exciting, wonderful things happening right now – I couldn’t be happier! (OK well maybe if it were about 20 degrees cooler, but I’m only focusing on the positives.)

And just because I love to post pictures, here’s a picture of my Nicky from yesterday – we were in the car before Matt & Page’s rehearsal and he was just looking sooo handsome!


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