Happy & Healthy

This morning I had the Doppler on my left leg down in the city and it was quite a nice experience, actually. First of all, it’s a gorgeous day, sunny, warm and a cool breeze. Second, it was like the highway gods knew I was on the roads and cleared them for me. Windows were down, sunroof was open, radio was on and the wind was in my hair. Ahhh, it was a nice ride. Because of the generosity of the highway gods, I got to my destination 45 minutes early. Those of you who know me well, you can pick your jaw up off the ground. It’s true. When I got there, it was easy to navigate to find where I was going and everyone was so nice. My appointment went well and the technician said there are no clots! Healthy legs, yay!

Driving to work from the city was just as easy as getting to the citywas. Again, no traffic, no problems and I was feeling great.

When I got to my desk at work, I was greeted with this happy reminder as I opened up my email. Beach House in 14 hours!

After seeing this message, I got another burst of happiness and decided that rather than listening to the normal radio today as I do everyday, I will utilize the ‘nature sounds’ buttons on my radio alarm clock at my desk and excitedly pressed the “ocean” button. I’m now sitting here listening to waves crashing and seagulls singing – one of my favorite sounds to listen to and a sound I’ll be listening to in-person starting sometime tomorrow morning as  I dig my beach-ready toes in the sand. Ahhhh.

Then my pregnant belly growled so I grabbed my key card and cash and headed to the cafe to get a small coffee and an egg & cheese sandwich. While checking out, the lady at the register commented that I’m “such a cute pregnant girl”. That just made my day again. It’s nice to hear that when I don’t always feel so “cute”, but rather large or awkward. That was so sweet of her and it gave me yet another shot of this drug I call happiness.

Because I’m not there yet to post the picture, below is a picture from last year’s week at the beach.

I love today!!! Happy 4th of July weekend!


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