Work & driving back solutions

The pain in my back is still here and I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that the discomfort and pain I feel daily is to be expected considering my pre-existing back condition and my current pregnant condition. So in order to try to alleviate some of the discomfort, I have implemented a few solutions at work.

I am currently sitting on an exercise ball chair which helps a little. I usually start the day off sitting on my work chair with a rolled up towel wedged vertically behind me and sitting on a hemorrhoid donut and then switch to the ball chair after lunch. Ah the humor that goes along with this post. Anyway, for your visual satisfaction, below are my two options for comfort while at work.

For the drive home, which is usually worse than sitting at my desk, I use a heated, vibrating lumbar support. It plugs into my car and when I have it on vibrate and am talking on the phone, you can definitely hear it in my voice. To me it sounds like I’m riding a hundred year old roller coaster while chatting on the phone. Again, the humor!

I will be 24 weeks on Sunday, so that means I’ve still got 16 weeks, more weight and a bigger baby to carry in front of me. Lord help me, er, my poor back…



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