Visitors, Roadtrips & Newlyweds

It’s been almost a week since my last update – I apologize. Between the tiredness of being pregnant, the busyness of working & packing and the lack of computers in my house, it’s been a bit tough. So that’s why I’m updating from work today – I emailed myself the pictures I wanted to post and now here we are.

Chris, Nick’s younger brother flew in last Thursday evening and it’s been great having him around. For one, Nick has a buddy all the time 😉 And second, he’s an excellent cook and enjoys cooking, so dinner is no longer an issue each night, which is a welcome situation. He’s really good at what he makes too – Nick and I could learn a thing or two from him. Opie and Oliver have taken a liking to Chris as well. I snapped a picture of Opie making himself at home in Chris’s lap the other night, which I’ll have to post later. I’m sure there’ll be many more Opie & Chris, Oliver & Chris, etc. pictures to come.

Back to the food.

The second night Chris was here, he made linguine with meatballs and sauce and a yummy bruschetta with goat cheese – all from scratch. It was fantastic.

While Nick and Chris were getting some one-on-one time in over the weekend, my mom and I went to my cousin, Christopher’s wedding in Williamsburg, VA. He’s on my dad’s side of the family. My mom hadn’t seen a lot of those family members in many years, and although hesitant at first about attending with me, she decided to go for it and it was a great decision. We both had a great time, it was wonderful seeing everyone and my mom really enjoyed catching up with ex-family members she wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see and mingle with, had she not joined me. We left my house at 5AM, stopped at the Williamsburg Outlets where we managed to score ourselves some lovely wedding wear at a great value and got to the hotel with plenty of time to spare.

The wedding was at the College of William & Mary and it was gorgeous. The weather was warm but not humid and there was a cool breeze. I didn’t get a shot of the college on my own camera, so I’m cheating and pasting some from the internet.

But before I get to the wedding pictures, I have to get back to the food. Mom and I stopped for a nice big breakfast at IHOP on the way down and it was delicious & extremely satisfying.

The building the ceremony was in.

Here’s the chapel.

And here’s the building the reception was in.

My pictures from the wedding.


My godfather, Uncle Billy, also my future son’s namesake.

Sunday morning before leaving VA, we stopped by my aunt’s house for a post-wedding breakfast and said our goodbyes. It took us about 6 hours to get home and my bed was calling my name. After a quick bite to eat at a local pub with Nick and Chris, I was off to Sleepy Land.

It was a fun and fantastic weekend with lots of great memories.



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