Appraisals & swelling

And the verdict is? The appraisal went well! Thank God. I’m not sure of the exact price that it came in at, but since it was “at value” then I don’t care. I’m just happy it was in our favor. Now the sellers can get on with making the fixes that need to be done and we can breathe easy knowing we are definitely settling on July 20. 26 days from now. Holy crap.

As if it weren’t already obvious, I am high maintenance. Physically. I wear contacts (my prescription gets stronger each year), I have back problems and have had surgery, I have flat feet, I have bad posture, I get cavities like it’s my job and still have crooked teeth even having had braces twice. Now I swell. A lot. Most pregnant women don’t swell until later in their pregnancy. Not me. I am and have been swelling for a few weeks now. And my doctor is concerned about blood clots. Particularly in my left leg. So I just called to tell them it’s still happening and now I have to go downtown on Tuesday morning and get Dopplers on my legs (that’s an ultrasound for those of us not in the medical field) to see what’s going on down there. In the meantime, amidst packing, working, day-to-day stuff and a wedding this weekend, I’m supposed to stay off my feet and make sure I put them up as much as I can. I will definitely try my best, and hopefully the Dopplers will come back just as “this is high maintenance Megan, we’re talking about here. She’s fine. Just tell her to lay off the salt, take it easy, chug lots of water and call me in the morning.” Here’s to hoping!!

And just because I like to put at least one picture in each post, here’s a picture of the front of our new home.


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