Playing catch-up

I should probably update on the last few weeks that I’ve slacked, so here it goes.

We had our 20-week ultrasound (it was 21 weeks for me) on Monday, June 13 and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced. My mom and Nick accompanied me and our little Jepetto (what Nick calls the baby) put on quite the act for us! He started out with his head on my left side, laying on his back, and then just as the technician said we’d need him/her to flip over so we can check out the spine, they did! By the end of the show, he/she had their head on my right side and again was lying on their back. All I kept saying was “it’s a baby!!” One of the best moments of my life. I can’t wait to meet this little pumpkin.

Yawning.Striking Foot.Look at the difference: from lima bean…

to BABY!

Oh yeah and as you can see, everything looked great!

Little Jepetto has been kicking me nonstop for weeks and it’s awesome – I mean that! It’s funny because I couldn’t wait to feel what it felt like and now that I do, I can’t remember not feeling it. And baby Jepetto is on some kind of schedule too – first thing in the morning, usually when I’m eating breakfast, there’s lots of movement, then when I eat lunch, right after lunch and then after dinner. Oh and usually as I’m lying down to go to bed too. Baby’s staying up late already!

We had the Warrior Dash 2011 up in Jim Thorpe the weekend of June 11 which I did not participate in. Last year I did and it was more fun than work, seriously, but obviously I was sitting this year out, so Nick took a stab at it, along with some of our friends. My friend Melissa and I (she’s pregnant too) cheered them on from the sidelines. I have to say, I was kinda glad I couldn’t participate this year. I remember being that muddy at the end of the race and it wasn’t pretty and all that mud in all those places! Ick!

We also camped the night before and the night of. I love camping, but doing it 5 months pregnant is not nearly as fun as before having a baby in my belly. It rained both nights while we were sleeping but it stopped as we got up so we could enjoy the days, which was nice of Mother Nature. Nick really enjoyed the race, however, I think his favorite part was the beers afterward. Who can blame him?

Muddy Warriors.

I also had my 22 week check-up. Things are going good. Weight is good, baby’s heart rate is good and there’s no doubt people can tell I’m pregnant now.

And I forgot – a funny sign at the Warrior Dash – thanks to Sarah for noticing =)



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