Closer to 5th Avenue acquirement

I have been crap at updating lately – and I’m only new at this!

Anyway, we had the inspection two weeks ago and all in all, it went well. There are some things that need to be taken care of but the inspector said that for an 82 year old house, it’s in great condition and you can tell it’s been taken care of and loved. Yay! The sellers signed the inspection report saying they’ll make the changes/fixes provided the appraisal comes back good. Now we’re just waiting on that. As long as it appraises for the what we’re paying for it or more, we are good to go. Again, fingers crossed.

It was awesome to get back in the house on the day of the inspection – after only looking at the place once before we put in a bid, I was afraid I’d have to wait until settlement to see it again. Ahhh, I love that house! I took some pictures of the extreme organizing and order the sellers have to give myself ideas for when we move in. I also took pictures of the details I couldn’t remember from the first walk-through: closets, counter tops, garden, nooks and crannies. Last thing we need to do is get a quote on homeowner’s insurance and then we’re all set. Settlement is July 20. T-29 days!


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