Babies, Inspections and Country Music

Wow, first post!

Well, I’m new at this, so forgive me if the first few of these are boring – I’ll try my best to stay intriguing yet do what I came here to do, which is, document the exciting events and wonderful things going on in my life right now (and hopefully going forward too).

First things first: babies!

Nick and I are expecting our first baby this fall! We are very excited, anxious and nervous all at the same time. It’s a time I’ve been waiting for for what seems like forever, or as long as I can remember and it’s finally here. I will have to post some belly pictures from earlier in my pregnancy, because currently, I’m 20 weeks and 2 days along – half-way there! Things are going good and I feel good except for some minor aches (back) and already not-so-good nights of sleeping, but it’ll be worth every inconvenience, ache and pain when I lay on my eyes on my new baby.

Second: houses!

Nick and I just bought a house! It all happened really quick – we saw the house on a Sunday morning and by Sunday night, we had put in an offer. On Tuesday, our offer was accepted and we were (unofficially, until the inspection goes through) homeowners! I still don’t think it has sunk in yet…It’s an adorable, older twin in a cute, little town, with tons of character along with nice upgrades, move-in ready, and perfect to start our little family in. Today is the inspection, so we’ve been slightly holding our breath until it comes back everything is okay. We really love the place and are excited to start our new life in a new town, with a new house and a new baby. I will definitely have lots of house stuff to blog about!


And finally, the XTU Anniversary Show.

This wonderful, huge, FREE concert happens once a year in Camden at their partially indoor/partially outdoor concert venue. I’ve been asked to go before, but politely turned down the invite. For one, I’m not a huge country fan and second, it’s an ALL DAY affair, which is a big committment, especially if I’m not even sure I’m going to like the music. But this year I decided to go and I’m really glad. It was great company, fantastic weather and all in all, a fun time. I even liked some of the artists! Unfortunately, the debauchery, trash and crime that was associated with this event might keep us from going again next year. I might have post-apocalyptic, er, I mean post-concert pics to post eventually – the mess, storm, aftermath that was left in the parking lots was enough to warrant FEMA showing up to come rescue concert goes. It was pretty bad. Anyway, we’ll see what next year brings. For now, I’m officially XTU devirginized.

Back to work.


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