How are we doing? Week 2

So we have been without cable and phone for almost two weeks now – and to be honest, we haven’t really noticed it. Granted, we had visitors to keep us distracted/occupied up until last Tuesday, but honestly, there’s not that much time to sit and watch TV anyway. {OMG. Lightbulb! Now I know why I felt like I had no time! Cuz it was all spent on my butt in front of the boob tube!! }

The biggest thing I thought we’d miss would be watching the morning news, but with our mornings starting earlier and being a little more hectic since Nick’s preseason started last Monday (he has to leave by 630/7), I don’t possibly know how we’d have time to sit and watch it anyway.

Oh and the Internet. Right. Well, don’t tell Comcast, but we still had it for about a week after it was disconnected for some reason!! So we’ve only just begun to experience the no Wi-Fi life. The cable is definitely gone, which we know because while playing a family game of Scrabble the last Friday night the Spillanes were here, we had the Phillies game on in the background and suddenly it shut off. But with just a very non ceremonial “DVR is no longer available” message printed across a blank, black screen. And that was that. Off went the TV; on went the stereo.
And that’s pretty much how it’s been since. I prefer music waves filling my house as opposed to trashy (mostly) shows and sports programs/games/commentary/anything (sorry honey) anyhow.

So once the Internet goes for good (which will definitely happen when we return the modem), we’ll use our phones as hot spots. I upgraded our data usage from 2GB per month to 4GB for only $10 more per month.

UPDATE: (I drafted this post about a week ago…) The Internet did go. And it sucks. Partly because turning our hot spots on and off is annoying, but mostly because you’d be amazed at how many daily functions require actual Wi-Fi… So we’re off exploring ‘just Internet’ options now. I’ll update how we make out.

Also, I was feeling pretty motivated the weekend we canceled the triple play so I already made and canned some tomato sauce and a jar of roasted red peppers and some pesto. It feels great to be using my resources and prepping for the winter!

I have some things I’m going to tackle tonight too that I’ll put on here after they’re done.

Just for fun, here is what our bed looked like a few weeks ago when Will decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crib that night.



Commitments & Changes

On the road to financial security – Week 1:

I canceled our cable, internet and phone line today – it’s effective as of Friday. It was a little bit liberating and a little bit scary all at once. I’m waiting for my mind to be blown in the “life without 859 channels and 24/7 internet access” way, if you know what I mean. Our (my) plan is to get to the internet via our iPhones – use them as Hot Spots – and upgrade our monthly data usage since we won’t be hopping onto our Wi-Fi every time we’re home, saving our data usage, since it no longer exists. So we won’t be completely without access to the outside world. But it’ll be different and I’m sure challenging. But I think we’ll survive.

I’ve wanted to do this for years. But only until now, was it actually a necessity. Without getting too detailed in our financial situation, now’s the time that we really need the extra $144-$150/month, so it has to be done. Maternity leave (unpaid, I might add…) is coming up in a short 10 weeks (eek!! {Did you read that, Nick? 10 WEEKS! Gosh, it seems so much closer when it’s actually written out like that…}), we’ll be feeding/insuring/diapering another family member, we already have one family member to feed/insure/diaper/send to the babysitter that we didn’t have last time I was on (unpaid) maternity leave and the fall, albeit my favorite time of year, marks the beginning of the end of Nick’s “busy” season – translation? Not as much money coming in. So. All that combined together equals high stress levels due to finances – and that’s one thing I don’t want to have to worry about this time around…

I want to make a commitment to myself, my family and this blog, that we’re really going to do the things that we say we’re going to do every year around this time, whether or not there’s a little one on the way. So I’m thinking that putting it out here for me and others to see, will make me more accountable and I’ll better stick to my guns about the changes I want to make for my family and I. But I need do this one thing at a time, unlike everything else that I do, instead of jumping all in, getting overwhelmed and completely quitting.

This week, I canceled Comcast.

Next week, I will start canning the abundance of basil and tomatoes we have growing in our yard to live off of in the winter.

Wish me luck!!

Beautiful days

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but Nana and Granddad are here!! They arrived safely about 2 weeks ago and have been a great help since stepping foot in the US. Will is over the moon to spend time with them and show them all his tricks. Some days, I don’t even get a “hello” when I get home from work because now it’s all about Nana and Granddad – Mommy and Daddy only come into play when he’s in one of his “moods”. Anywho, it’s been great – we’ve done some fun things and have had a lot of time to just spend good, quality time together. I will elaborate more in future posts (with more pics, of course!) but for now, it’s on to this past weekend.

Yesterday morning I was told (in mid-conversation, mind you) how pretty I look when I’m pregnant and that pregnancy looks really good on me! The woman (who I work with) that told me this then went on to say that my face just looks lovely and I look so happy. She also said that she thinks of me as a “beautiful baby-making machine” (she tells me often how beautiful she thinks William is – hence the “beautiful baby-making machine” comment). She said I should make sure to take pictures of myself now so I have them. How nice!? I wanted to hug her! I should have hugged her! Especially considering that this particular morning I took the bold (read: not-so-smart) step of weighing myself before getting in the shower and realized I put on 6 lbs. in the last week…Eek! Needless to say, I have been feeling “large and in-charge” since then…So hearing this really made my day – couple that with fall-like weather (again!) and I was one happy mama!! I kept saying all day “it’s going to be a beautiful day!!”

And speaking of beautiful, we had a beautiful weekend with Pete and Kath and I got some great shots. I’m only uploading the ones from my phone since the ones on my SLR are, well, still on my SLR, but fear not! they will come off – as yesterday was also the day that I started my online photography class! Wahoo! Yesterday really was a beautiful day!

Be prepared to gaze over some much-more-professional-looking pictures in the weeks to come as I complete my (much-needed & super-anticipated) Flying Photo School course.

Saturday we took Nana and Granddad to the Phillies game, but before we hit the game, we met some friends in the city for lunch. There is no other way to describe the chaos that ensues when trying to have lunch in a public place with a rambunctious toddler other than as a complete debacle. I think we must have passed that child back and forth (over and under the table) 100 times – easily.



Games with Uncle Steve (anything to keep this child entertained!).lunchcollage2


Because this child was in desperate need of a N-A-P by the time we got to the game, Nick and I spent the first hour or so doing laps around the stadium (with a very upset screaming child) until he finally conked out. Success!


He was in a much better mood after his nap and enjoyed Daddy telling him all about what was going on during the game.rainbow-1

After the game. Can you see the rainbow??





Games with Nana on the way to the car (you can still see the rainbow!)

Here we are at Nick’s soccer tournament on Sunday.

WillairplaneWill doing his best airplane impersonation.

windyIt was so windy!



The clouds were amazing!kathcollageEven Nana was impressed with the clouds.


Picking daisies.




Finally, there’s “Dadddddddy!”

Burning Desire!

So, I have this burning desire to plan a birthday party!! Particularly a fall-themed party. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe it’s because of the fall-like weather we’ve been having? I just keep reverting back to when I was designing the invitations and planning the party, the accessories, the fall-themed food and decor for William’s first party last September/October and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and want (so desperately) to do it again! But this year, I will be very busy and in a very different kind of way around that time, as Little One is due to be delivered anytime between October 24th and the 31st – God willing this child doesn’t make an earlier appearance than that! (for health reasons, of course! Not because I just love being pregnant in my 3rd trimester so much, ha!) I’m sure as we approach October, even September, I will quickly change my mind back to focusing on the things that are important at that time, like preparing for the very soon arrival of another family member, but this is how i’m feeling right now. I’m sure this is all just a weird pregnancy phase, right?

Anywho. Maybe I will start designing Little One’s First Birthday party invites now – ya know, a year and 3 months before his/her birth just to get my kicks! {I have officially lost it now, haven’t I?}

We have a fence!

By the grace of the fence gods (and lots and lots of praying), we finally have a fenced-in yard for the Little Man to run around in! It was literally the hottest day of the week (month, year, century?! actually said it was 100 degrees with a heat index of 113 degrees!) and our trusty fence experts still arrived on time and did fast, quality work – taking only 3 hours to get the whole job done! Granted, our yard is like the size of the average American’s living room, but still…Anyway, isn’t she purdddy??


Side gate.fence - side gate-1

Back gate by garage.back gate-1

And look! They even left me some space to get to the back of my garden!gate - behind garden-1We are so happy with it and have been enjoying being able to be “owwwsssiiiiiide”, as William says, without having to hover over him every second hoping he doesn’t get loose! It’s been grand!

I will have to do a big, long update on the demolition and renovation of the backyard at some point to show it from start to finish. I think it looks awesome and is so much more functioning, for our purposes and needs, than it was before. Today is not the day I will doing that update though. I have pictures on my big camera, Nick’s iPhone, my iPhone, the Macbook and my work computer – just getting all the pictures together in the same place is going to be a big enough feat for me at this point!